Destined to be together as soulmates? Most people don’t have a firm grasp on the concept of soulmates. Sure, society dubs them as eternal partners.

But is that true? After every failed relationship, someone always loses the status of a soulmate. Not everyone is meant to stay with us forever.

Most people merely come into our lives to teach us valuable lessons. They impart us with the strength and resolve to advance towards spiritual ascension.

This is the role a soulmate plays in our lives.

One thing that surprises me the most is that people only consider their romantic partners as their soul-mates. They don’t understand that a soul mate can be anyone, from a pet to a sibling.

We spend our whole lives in pursuit of THE ONE. We want someone who completes us. Someone who doesn’t make us feel empty and lost. Someone who understands our complex nature.

That’s the ultimate goal of our lives.

However, it’s more important to focus on the means of love rather than the ends. Even failed love heals us and transforms us into spiritually and emotionally evolved beings.

It strengthens us from within. But our expectations and greed pour water on its work.

We are so hell-bent on making a relationship last that we forget its real purpose. A relationship with our soul-mate prepares us for true love. It is the primal driver of internal change.

It readies us for eternal love, one that never ends.

So, destined to be together soulmates? Not really! But don’t get dispirited. Sometimes, a soulmate can be a friend. In that case, you have the option to develop a long-lasting friendship with them.

And for some people, that’s even better than true love. Friends understand you in ways no one ever can. They accept you unconditionally.

They are always there whenever you need emotional support. They are your confidants and partners-in-crime. And they are the only kind of soul-mates that never sever ties with you.

Romantic soul-mates are just transitions to something greater. They are not the end goal.

So the purpose of our soul mates is to align us with a higher truth. Most teenagers spend their lives depressed because they feel that love always eludes them.

They must understand that a deep connection with someone is in itself really rare. Every lover we meet and lose edges us closer to our true destiny. Cynicism destroys us.

It lays waste to our minds. It’s important to treasure what you have instead of shunning it as trivial and insignificant, especially when it’s love.

Soulmates are unlike twin flames. Twin flames are entirely different beings. They are parts of our soul that got scattered away. Our union with them is destined to last forever.

But, the same cannot be said for soul-mates. They exist to impart to us specific attributes which make us worthy of true love. So, if you’ve lost soul-mates in your life, not all is lost.

True love might still knock on your door when you least expect it.

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