Understanding Destiny Number 1

The first Destiny number of our series is of course Destiny number 1, it is represented by the Sun, the creator of all things and ultimately powerful. The colors red and yellow resonate with 1 and it is associated with independent thinkers and strong beings with amazing leadership qualities.

The 1’s are at the top of their game on a mental and physical level, often inspiring others to do the same. They are trailblazers taking the road less traveled, trying new ideas and are pegged to be bright inventors.


Destiny number 1’s do have a feeling of being superior, it is not their fault or a negative thing, as long as they are equipped with a good sense of humor to balance them out. They can go too far at times, so they need to have enough intelligence, life skills and humiliate to balance out their ego, so the ego is kept in check. If the ego takes off they cease being amazing and wind up being a massive bore.

Destiny Number 1 Characteristics

Destiny Number 1’s are born leaders, they come into the world with inbuilt skills allowing them to take this position naturally. They have a nature charged with the desire for independence and the need for personal success in all things.

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They are capable of achieving great things in a creative way as well as possessing powerful drive and enthusiasm, allowing their inspiration a strong platform to flourish. The 1’s see obstacles and challenges as a gate way to bring new projects to fruition. Their inner strength is unmatched by any other Destiny number, they are one of a kind.

Positives and Negatives Associated with Destiny Number 1

Destiny Number 1 people have strong personal desires to follow their own ideas more than anyone else, often they find being in too much of a routine very restricting. They have excellent health and are blessed with a clean spiritual plate.

Often they are very clairvoyant which makes them excellent problem solvers, giving them the edge on their competitors. Staying grounded is important and they are usually happy, clever, attractive, sincere, logical and very intelligent.


Destiny Number 1 are considered good friends, wonderful company and have a beautiful nature. Because 1’s make such great leaders, they don’t make great followers, this makes it hard for them to take orders from those higher up than them.


It takes a while for anyone to grow and in the beginning they can come across and dependent rather than their true independent nature, this is painful for them and they don’t take criticism very well because of this. It is good for 1’s to take this on board and try to limit their urge to be bossy or too demanding, they end up looking selfish and egotistical if they do.

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Destiny Number 1 folk don’t often make mistakes, it is a true source of frustration for them if they do, so 1’s should not be so hard on themselves, because blunders do happen and that is how they learn. If the 1 gets caught in a rut they can become quite aggressive to free them selves of a monotonous lifestyle, it is just their way, so get out of their way and give them the space to break free, however on the flip side of this they are completely loyal in their romantic relationship and make wonderful partners.


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