5 Tips On How To Develop Psychic Awareness

Psychic awareness is simply the process of trying to understand human consciousness and the full potential of the mind when you apply it in your everyday life . It entails communicating with the spirit within us and unleashing the power of the mind.

Always follow your first impression.

Quite often we tend to ignore the first impression we create about something due to some preconceived beliefs only to find out later that the first impression was perfectly correct. Once you have that feeling that something isn’t right, then that is the first step towards being psychic.[wp_ad_camp_4]


Learn to trust your inner person who guides you. When you have the feeling that you should avoid a certain place or start a friendship with someone then you are making use of your psychic abilities. Trust your instincts and abide by them if you want to become psychic.

Take rest for better psychic awareness.

The ability to effectively make use of your psychic intuition depends on the state of your mind. Making use of the psychic intuition results into physical and emotional fatigue. Make sure that you get plenty of sleep so as to make your head clear and ready to receive any available psychic information.

The moment you find yourself feeling emotionally down or much confused do not try to invoke your intuition but instead concentrate on taking a rest or simply meditating. This gives you a chance to feel better and understand your intuition.psychic awareness

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Always be inquisitive.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Deep inside your mind always ask questions. Be it about relationships, family, friends, finances or even health. The more you ask yourself questions, the more answers you find.

The major precaution with asking a question is that you first of all need to trust yourself and trust The Source for truth and goodness. Once you do this, you will trust all the answers that you will get and use them to build on your psychic awareness.


Listen to Your answers.

You are going to get answers to the questions that you ask. Listen to the answers and note them down. Once you start reading someone, ask yourself in your mind: What is the state of the person that am trying to read, Say the answer out loudly and note it down.

Remember that the first answer that comes to your mind forms the first impression hence you need to trust it no matter how strange it appears. Trust that The Source provided you with the right answer to your question and you don’t need to doubt it.psychic awarenes 2[wp_ad_camp_2]

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Take the bold step and attempt.

Practice makes perfect. Once you become familiar with some of your strong psychic points take your time and attempt to use them. You can do this by sitting in a comfortable and quite place and invite all the psychic information to your head and listen to it.

You can also practice with your friends. Start by trying to read the people who are close to you. While doing this, avoid reading the things that you wish but read what stands out in that someone’s life.


The secret to developing your psychic awareness is practicing. Once you take the bold step and start practicing these tips, you will find out that it is much easier than you imagined. Have you developed your psychic abilities? What has been your major point that has helped you greatly, please share with us, we love hearing from you.


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