The Devil tarot card often elicits fear when it shows up in a love reading, whether upright or reversed. However, as an intuitive energy reader with years of experience providing spiritual guidance, I’m here to offer a more nuanced interpretation. My aim is to empower you with deeper wisdom so you can navigate any challenges with compassion.

When the Devil appears, pay close attention to unhealthy attachments and addictions that may be negatively impacting your relationships. The good news? The Devil brings these issues to light so they can be healed. Keep reading for my complete guide to the upright and reversed Devil tarot love meanings.

Devil as feelings in love and relationships - Upright and Reversed

Upright Devil Love Meaning: Facing Shadows

In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the upright Devil card depicts a half-human, half-beast creature. Two smaller beings are chained to his throne, representing spiritual entrapment. The upright Devil reveals that someone in the relationship has become obsessively attached or dangerously addicted, whether to a toxic person or a detrimental habit.

Common upright Devil love meanings include:

  • Obsessive passion or attraction, bordering on addiction
  • Staying in a relationship due to fear, dependency or guilt
  • Giving your power away to maintain the status quo
  • Enabling or sticking by harmful behaviors in yourself or your partner
  • Deep-seated insecurities driving the relationship dynamic

When the Devil shows up in a love reading, you or your partner may be grappling with shadow aspects like jealousy, manipulation, or temptation towards forbidden fruit. The chains depicted on this card represent attachments and patterns that seem impossible to break free from.

The upright Devil reminds us that bringing unconscious behaviors into the light is the only way to transform them. Though the process may seem scary, embracing inner shadows from a place of radical self-love and acceptance is key.

Ask yourself:

  • What unhealthy attachments or addictions keep you stuck in status quo relationships?
  • What deeply-rooted insecurities drive your attraction to this person?
  • What personal power have you given away to maintain this bond?

Lean into the discomfort the Devil card brings up. Commit to unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and your partner as you unpack underlying issues. Only then can true healing occur.

Reversed Devil Love Meaning: Reclaiming Power

In contrast to the upright Devil, the reversed Devil tarot love meaning indicates that you or your partner are in the process of releasing negative attachments, addictions and restrictive patterns. Though remnants of the past may still rear their head, the reversed Devil shows you reclaiming personal power and breaking free.

Common reversed Devil love meanings include:

  • Releasing unhealthy attachments or addictions
  • Acknowledging the roots of codependency and insecurity
  • Establishing healthier boundaries and expectations
  • Ending relationships that consistently bring out the shadow side
  • Owning your self-worth and not settling for less

Upright, the Devil represented bondage to toxic relationships or detrimental habits. Reversed, you’re seeing past the illusions and reclaiming your autonomy.

Ask yourself:

  • What negative patterns or attachments have you outgrown?
  • What new boundaries need to be implemented going forward?
  • How can you embrace the full light and shadow of your humanity?

The reversed Devil reminds us that we all have darkness within, which is nothing to fear or be ashamed about. The path to wholeness involves continually peeling back the layers of illusion about ourselves and others. True freedom comes from living authentically, with compassion and accountability.

The Devil in Love: Interpretation Examples

Let’s explore some real-life examples illuminating the nuances of the Devil love card in tarot readings:

Upright Devil in a Breakup Reading

Jada, a client of mine, pulled the upright Devil when asking about her recent breakup with her long-term boyfriend Mark. She was heartbroken and confused about why Mark had abruptly left the relationship.

The upright Devil reflected that this breakup was ultimately tied to unhealthy attachments and shadow aspects being brought to light. I sensed Mark struggled with sex addiction issues throughout their relationship, which Jada had turned a blind eye to in order to keep the peace. The upright Devil showed that no matter how much effort and compromise Jada exerted, she couldn’t save Mark or the relationship. He had to take accountability and do the inner work himself.

I encouraged Jada to examine her own attachment to Mark’s addiction, as the upright Devil says as much about our own inner demons as our partner’s issues. We discussed setting boundaries and raising her standards going forward. Most importantly, I reminded Jada to handle this emotional time with gentle self-love.

Reversed Devil After a Betrayal

Damien, another client, was rebuilding his marriage after discovering his wife Sophie’s affair a year prior. Though they’d been to counseling and Sophie had apologized, Damien still frequently felt jealous and suspicious, wondering if Sophie might stray again.

When Damien received the reversed Devil in his reading, I knew it reflected the difficult yet transformative process of releasing the trauma this betrayal. The reversed Devil showed Damien reclaiming his self-worth rather than remaining attached to victimhood.

I encouraged Damien to keep acknowledging his feelings while also forgiving – both Sophie and himself. As the reversed Devil suggested, he had to let go of the assumption that Sophie’s affair meant he was unlovable. His inner light could never be diminished by someone else’s actions.

This was an opportunity for Damien to heal deep wounds and emerge renewed in himself and his marriage. With time and intention, the reversed Devil promised wholeness and empowerment.

Interpreting the Devil: Upright and Reversed

When the Devil appears in a love reading – whether upright or reversed – dramatic transformation is afoot. To recap, here’s how to interpret the core meanings:

Upright Devil Love Meanings

  • Facing relationship attachments and addictions
  • Exploring the roots of codependency
  • Shedding light on manipulation or toxicity
  • Owning your shadow and your partner’s
  • Committing to unconditional love and acceptance

Reversed Devil Love Meanings

  • Releasing unhealthy bonds
  • Establishing healthier boundaries
  • Ending partnerships that feed shadow behaviors
  • Embracing imperfection and authenticity
  • Reclaiming your worth and personal power

While the upright Devil tarot card points to issues that need addressing, the reversed Devil promises hope. It reminds us that through courage and compassion, we can alchemize suffering into redemption. Darkness will always give way to the light when we commit to conscious love.

How to Handle the Devil in Love Readings

When you get the Devil card in a love tarot spread, avoid going into fear or denial. This intense card is a call to courageously examine relationship dynamics and address destructive patterns head-on.

Here are my top tips for constructively working with the Devil in love readings:

Get support. Don’t isolate yourself if you pull the Devil, upright or reversed. Turn to spiritually-minded friends, a therapist, or your community for perspective. Speaking your truth is hugely healing.

Set boundaries. The Devil often appears when boundaries are unclear or disrespected in a relationship. Restore your sense of emotional safety by clearly communicating what you will and won’t tolerate long-term.

Practice unconditional love. For yourself and your partner. The healing process requires compassion and patience with inevitable backslides.

Do the inner work. Don’t expect external conditions to shift until you courageously explore your inner landscape. Be radically honest with yourself.

Cut cords. If a relationship consistently feeds shadow behaviors, cord cutting rituals can help you release attachments and reclaim your independence.

Cleanse and clear. Smudging, meditation, bath rituals – whatever works for you. Now is the time to powerfully cleanse stagnant relationship energy to call in someone new or revive your current bond.

While some fear the Devil card, I see it as a gift – the truth rising to the surface so it can be healed. Trust that you have the wisdom within to navigate this transformation. My readings are always here to provide spiritual support and perspective.

In Closing

The tarot Devil in love readings spotlights where unconscious patterns are running the show in relationships. Yet as intense as this card is, the Devil brings the opportunity for incredible growth when you respond with courage and compassion.

If you’ve received the Devil in a love reading – upright or reversed – know that you’re on the brink of profound healing. Commit to unconditional love, embrace spiritual support, and trust your inner wisdom – and you’ll break through to a whole new level of fulfillment.

You’ve got this! Now go handle your business.

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Unite, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others.

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