Many people consider that a life partner is their soulmate, but that’s not true. A soul mate could be your life partner, but a life partner could not necessarily be your soulmate. There are so many traits of soulmates that are not present in a life partner and vice versa; that’s what leads to the difference between a soulmate and life partner.

A soulmate is a person with whom your soul connects and finds a deep relationship with. You could have more than one soulmate in your life. Soulmates come to your life for a particular reason at a specific time.

They teach you valuable lessons of life and nourish your soul. They help you to achieve your higher self. On the other hand, a life partner is a person with whom you spend your life – you trust that individual which could even make you dependent on them.

There are five significant differences between a soulmate and a life partner:

#1: Part in the Life

Soulmate could be anyone in your life – they could be your family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues and lovers. They have a special purpose in your life.

They teach you an unforgettable lesson and produce an enormous impact on your life. Most of the time, soulmates leave when their mission in your life is completed; they don’t stay for long.

A life partner also comes in your life as any soulmate, but the purpose is not to teach you a lesson. Their main aim in life is to stand firm with you through every thick and thin. Mostly, you have a spiritual as well as emotional connection with a life partner.

#2: Soul Connection is Different

The connection of soulmates is quite deep involving consciousness and the heart. They shake you completely. The relationship is intense and could tear you apart. Soulmate relationships usually end with tears and heartache, but they make you learn about yourself and lead to self-acceptance.

When a life partner makes the soul connection, your soul has usually gained the sense of self-acceptance. You don’t need to learn hard lessons, and your soul connects without any worries.

#3: The Backgrounds

The story of your soulmate seems like your own story. There are many similarities, and they become the primary reason of attraction towards each other. The knowingness works like a magnet between you both.

On the contrary, life partners have a completely different background.  The difference wants you to learn more about the individual this leads to an emotional connection. There is the sense of calmness and easiness as this attraction grows into everlasting love.

#4: Mental Connection

Soulmates know your words even before you say them. You both know each other at a mental level. As they have the same background as yours, they understand every thought without any problem. They know exactly how it feels to be like you.

The mental connection with a life partner doesn’t depend on emotions only; rather it’s a logical one. There’s also an element of physical attraction, but there’s lots of care and value as well.

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