Have you always felt as if you were on the wrong planet? Like you didn’t belong to the human race? Is your behaviour similar to that of a maverick misfit? There might be a reason behind this unusual behaviour. Starseeds are spiritually superior beings that are on the planet earth for a reason.

They are extra-terrestrial beings sent from distant planets to serve humankind. They are blessed with extraordinary attributes, such as Godly intellect and exceptional empathic tendencies. Starseeds undergo phases of spiritual awakening that makes them realise their identity and their mission.

In their early years, they might feel trapped in a state of confusion and purposelessness, but after a significant spiritual transformation, they come to grips with the reality of their existence. They find it extremely hard to connect with other humans and perceive their actions to be strange and repelling.

They don’t hate humans; they just don’t feel like they’re related to them or can adapt to their ways. They are true to their cause, to serve humanity without acclaim.

Once they are done with helping a certain group or an individual, they will move away from their lives and recede to their own mystical worlds. So what is the basic difference between Starseed and Indigo children? Actually, there isn’t much that separates them.

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Indigo children are a subcategory of starseed children. Indigo children can be distinguished by their fierce spirits. They will march on the path of resistance with tenacity for as long as it takes. They have impeccable resolve when it comes to fulfilling their objectives in life.

If your child exhibits such sheer resolve, they are probably an indigo child and has chosen you to assist them in his spiritual journey. Indigos are of often misunderstood as deviants and are ostracised from society. They have to face the harsh treatment of people and subdue their own mental monsters at the same time, but they will always emerge triumphant from every battle.

Here are some traits of Starseed and Indigo children that will help you better understand their personalities. Ask yourself are you a Starseed child? If so, you must possess the following traits.

Guided by our Wild hunches

We have developed instincts, and possess our own sense of rationality that is beyond the comprehension of normal people. We are governed by a divine power. Our intuition decides our destinations and missions.

Old souls

We have lived in different dimensions and time plains, and this has resulted in the acquisitiveness of unprecedented wisdom. We are way ahead of our time and are often regarded as old souls.

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Disregard for academic success

Although we have a higher intellect, it does not translate into high grades, because we don’t consider academic achievements relatively important. We deem it unnecessary to prove ourselves to the world.

Natural Polygraphs

We are highly perceptive, and our minds work as natural polygraphs. If someone is lying or hiding something, we will figure it out in a heartbeat. We are also adept at hiding our feelings to protect our self from emotional vulnerability. We only reveal our feelings and emotions to Indigo and other starseed types.

Empathic souls

Empathic tendencies are imbued in our soul. We have this exemplary drive to help someone in need and to make their day.

The difference between starseed and indigo children lies in their warrior spirits. Indigo children have a more pronounced fighting spirits than starseed children.