Different Types of Lightworker’s: Which One Do You Resonate With?

It was 20 years ago I found out that I may be a lightworker, yes like you I was very sceptical, I mean why shouldn’t you be? It’s not something you hear in everyday conversations.

Whether I believed it or not, I had taken my first few steps towards raising consciousness on this planet.


I’ve said it before that many of us are lightworker’s, whether we realise it or not. You may gain more insight as you progress through the spiritual path and understand these abilities will come to the surface. You have probably noticed them already.

Listed below are types of lightworker’s and their description:


Gridworkers work on the gateways and ley lines of the Earth. You maybe familiar with ley lines and know that the earth also has chakras and is a living, breathing organism.

Gridworkers tap into this crystalline grid, which is the earth’s nervous system, some believe that’s how the earth was seeded.

Gridworkers are spatial empath’s; they are individuals who can sense a karmic imprint whenever they enter a building or space, they use that knowledge to transmute the dense energies with their compassion and loving presence.


If you’re familiar with the violet flame, it is a visualisation technique mostly adopted by lightworker’s who are sensitive to spaces. When Gridworkers detect a space may have dense energies, they cleanse it by sending a loving violet flame into that area.

Frequency workers

Many lightworkers are frequency workers; their focus is to hold their vibration high and transmute negative energy when they confront it.

Holding that frequency is not an easy task since the matrix or 3rd dimension reality which seems to prospers on the law of polarity, which is a dense energy and will lower your frequency.

Being a frequency worker is very difficult because you will be sensitive to news and whats going around the world. You may become introverted and won’t feel like leaving your home because of your sensitivity. It’s essential you don’t take things personally, you should incorporate self-care into your being.

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A few trusted friends or a spiritual community will benefit you greatly by increasing your frequency; it’s important for you to be around like-minded people, so you are understood. You are holding the light for humanity, not an easy task.

Timeline/Dark Worker

If you are a lightworker and an empath, then you are someone who is aware of timelines. You are aware how a decision or action changes everyone’s reality aswell.

Timeline workers forgive any karma their family may have accumulated, especially if their ancestors have racked up a good deal of karma.

A timeline worker knows that we are one and leads the way for the change; they light the way for others. Often you will find that as you progress through this journey, growing number of dark entities will become drawn to you.

They crave your compassion, most case they need your help. You may notice during meditation; negative thoughts drift into your head. These thoughts don’t belong to you, which is why meditation is great, it gives us the tools to resolve them with compassion.

Psychic/Future Seers

These Lightworkers are clairvoyants; they are aware of timelines, and the side effect of this is knowing the future.

Psychically attuned lightworkers often get confused as to what everyone else’s reality is and may feel isolated and misunderstood by many. They are great at self-expression.

The challenges they face is that knowing the outcome can deter them from what they desire, so they often trip themselves up.

It’s not easy bringing reality to you, because of your skilled third eye presents a challenge. Your purpose is to help others with love and compassion using your abilities and not just for personal gain.

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Astral Travellers

Astral travel is an ability all lightworkers can have rather than be specific to one type. You will have to pay attention to your dreams or any out of body experiences you may have.

I have discussed this before, a great way to astral travel is through lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming allows you to access the Akashic records. Having access to the Akashic record permits you to have knowledge others rarely have awareness on.

The Messenger

Lightworkers who are good at carrying messages, for instance, channeling. These messages give significant influence; the channeling takes place in times of enhanced creativity. The message is either from the 4th or 5th dimension.

The messenger lightworker can convey these higher patterns to people through raised vibrations.


The wayshowers are the ones who have done it all and have returned to teach others, it’s a great privilege to come back and share the awareness of the world and dimensions beyond it.

They are the ascended masters on this plane, their external reality is the inner one, they are not suffering, but living their truth and are flourishing having understood the third-dimensional reality.

They have committed their life only to the truth. There is no need to plan for the future; they have trust in their higher selves.

These are some basic example of lightworkers, as an individual you are unique, you may have these attributes or even more, you might be even more complex than the simple descriptions here. There you go my brothers and sisters, just know we are all lightworkers. Namaste.


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