Recognizing Different Types Of Mediums

In this article we discuss different types of mediums. Mediums are those who can channel energy more wise, loving and divine than themselves; and there are different types of mediums that do this using different processes. It is believed that we all do have the ability to work and connect with our loved ones, guides and spirits in order to receive insight, guidance and wisdom from them.

A medium therefore is able to exploit this and connect people with their loved ones, guides and spirit as well. Commonly, several people and the society in general believe that mediums are only necessary when trying to connect the living to their deceased loved ones believed to be in the spiritual world. However, a medium should be considered anyone that can channel the spirit energy through themselves to others.


There are 4 main methods that are used in connecting with the spirits and bringing down the loving energy of the spirits so as to connect with oneself and those with the divine energy of spirit too.

Different Types of Mediums

Healing medium

This type of mediums are known to bring down the ‘divine light energy spirit’ through their own body so as to bring healing to themselves and then to others as well. They mostly perform it by laying their hands on those that are unwell or suffering from something.

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The whole process entails drawing down the energy through their human body and directing it to those that are in need of it. The medium in this case is a link between the divine and individual.

Spiritual medium

This types of mediums are known to receive messages from the spirit world and convey them to the living souls in the form of clairsentience (feelings), clairaudience (hearing), clairgustance, claircognizance (knowing) and clairvoyance (seeing).

The clairaudient mediums are able to hear the messages the spirits want to convey and in most cases may not make any sense to anyone, including the medium but to the recipient its intended for. The clairsentient mediums are able to communicate feelings of the dead to those intended to. They can feel the emotions of the departed when communicating with them and as well feel the intended recipient its meant for.


The clairvoyant communicate to the spirits in form of visions. All they do is explain whatever they saw to the intended recipients who will definitely understand the message. They mostly deliver the messages in the form of writing or speaking and in some scenarios they receive the messages using certain divination tools.

The entire process is performed mainly through the clairvoyance and the clairaudience with assistance and support from the claircognizance and clairsentience.

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Channeling mediums

Channeling mediums are mostly just like the spiritual mediums; what differs the two is that unlike the spiritual mediums that can connect to nearly all types of spirits and deliver their messages, channel mediums can only connect with one spirit or the same group of spirits over and over.


They too deliver the messages in the form of writing or speaking and its believed that they let their hands and mouth be controlled by the spirits they are connected to.

Physical Mediums

These types of mediums are known to create physical phenomenon such as the creation of ectoplasm, table tipping, smoke billet pictures and even noise making levitation with the necessary guidance and help of a spirit that visits them.

The physical mediums and the spiritual mediums always work hand in hand to produce and create the physical phenomenon.



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