To be enlightened is to spiritually awaken, many who have gone through this process share similar paths and proceed through similar stages. As with most subjects on spirituality, spiritual enlightenment can be complex and there is never a concise description.

The best way to describe it would be, when one has reached a new level of freedom, truth, understanding of life and knowing oneself. When people go through spiritual enlightenment, they experience big change within themselves, though we all have our own unique type of experiences, there are some signs that we all have in common.

The perception of how we see things are distorted, one example would be the illusion of how society perceives things, consumerism etc. Some call it the trap of being in the matrix.

To attain spiritual enlightenment, is to see through all the illusion and lies and being aware of one’s spirituality and soul.

Listed below are signs of enlightenment, which tend to be some of the most common experiences many of us go through.

Which of these signs of Enlightenment are you Experiencing? Have you gone through them already?

Going Back To Your Childhood And Your Relationship With Your Parents

People who go through big spiritual transformation tend to revisit their child hood memories. Often many of us have faced child hood traumas, our soul yearns to heal these memories.

These memories are foundations of who we are and sometimes how we perceive the world, so we have to go back and reexamine the foundations and fix any cracks that are present.

More than anything we have to build a stronger and healthier relationships with our families, especially as our parents have played a major role in what we have come to be today.

By healing old wounds we showcase immense strength and maturity, which is one of the major steps to ones personal awakening, this in turn leads to spiritual enlightenment.signs of enlightenment 2

Signs Of Enlightenment: Stepping Out Of The Comfort Bubble

While going through life and growing up, we tend to create a life we are comfortable in or being in the comfort bubble. It is very unhealthy to be in this comfort bubble, it cripples our experience of the world we inhabit.

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There has to come a time when we have to be bold and venture out of our nest and go into the unknown, we have to ground ourselves and obtain a place in this world.

The moment we take steps and explore the world and remove ourselves from being confined within this comfort bubble, we begin to grow in a way that was not possible before, this is one of those steps we have to take to experience growth and signs of enlightenment.

Removing Dysfunctional Relationships

We often hear about people, that despite knowing the truth, stay in relationships which are clearly not working, they try to justify their decisions.

This is clearly deceiving yourself, as mentioned above feeding yourself the illusion and your soul knows better, this negates self growth and many other dysfunctional habits you have in your life. It’s important to have positive influence in your life, we tend to absorb all interactions we have with people around us.

One of the major steps towards spiritual enlightenment is to distinguish relationships that are not healthy, using your newly acquired knowledge. Removing these unhealthy relationships helps you immensely towards your spiritual awakening.

Signs Of EnlightenmentSigns of enlightenment 1

Being Aware Of Your Health

In spiritually conscious people health seems to be the last thing on their minds, often spiritual topics tend to revolve around mental health. Thus we forget and don’t understand the blessing of good health. This topic becomes important when our health has become a major problem in our life, then we understand how important is to be healthy.

For those who understand the major role health plays in their life, they tend to take action to maintain it by exercising, eating a healthy vegan diet etc, they are the minority.

Major signs of enlightenment is to realize this step.

Have Room To Learn

There are few people in this world who always have the willingness to learn something new from their experience in life.

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These people have the desire to understand the complexities of life and the world. They are dynamic and adaptable and are open to learning new things, it fills them with pleasure doing it.

Learning is part of evolution, which complies with the nature of our life. Those who show bravery to learn and a burning passion to create their own reality are much closer to acquiring spiritual enlightenment.signs of enlightenment

Being Positive

Many of us are subject to our own self -sabotage and we tend to practice these self-defeatist beliefs that only stop our own growth.

One of the major signs of enlightenment is to be aware that our emotions and thoughts are very powerful.

The one who is engulfed in a negative state of mind, won’t be able to experience joy and happiness no matter how beautiful they try to make their life.

Those who are able to be true to themselves and only seek opportunities for joy in every experience, can truly be open to spiritual enlightenment.

Knowing The Significance Of Life

If you were to ask most people about the work they do, most would likely complain how much they hate it.

If you love love career, and the work you do defines you, then why not do something you love?

But most people work in very stressful environments that deprives them of any joy or creativity. Their only reason to keep doing this is to get their next paycheck. Usually when one chooses money in a career often leads to everything but joy.

Instead we should allow ourselves to understand that whatever we choose as long as we are happy doing it, if what you do brings you immense pleasure, then the money will come.

When you understand what’s really important to you and your spiritual growth, and you are always seeking joyous experiences wherever life takes you, then you have built enough understanding to move yourself towards spiritual enlightenment.

These are the most common signs of enlightenment.