Discover Your Souls True Color

Everyone you see in your daily life has an unique soul color, sometimes people call it our aura.

Its the true reflection of your soul, your thoughts, emotions and even your aspiration and ambitions in life reflect a color. Throughout our life our soul color may change, revealing our true innermost desires and personal growth. Sometimes the colors of our soul can be dark, black and white, pastel or bright.


Take this quiz to reveal your souls color, Please share the quiz so that your friends can also find their true soul color.

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11 thoughts on “Discover Your Souls True Color”

  1. Your soul is a mixture of bright colours.
    You are energetic, fearless and honest. Of course, that is the generic answer. You are much more than this, but I can’t squeeze it all into a 10o words! 🙂
    You are confident within yourself and so you should be! You are awesome!
    People want to be your friend because they know you are trustworthy and respectful of everyone’s beliefs and values. People rely on you for comfort and positivity. You inspire others and your the kind of person people secretly want to be their friend.
    Your struggles and obstacles are nothing – you are bigger and better than them all.
    You make people feel accepted and they feel they can themselves around you.

  2. Your soul is black and white.
    You are inspiring, imaginative and quick witted. Of course, that is the generic answer. You are much more than this, but I can’t squeeze it all into a 10o words! 🙂
    You often have philosophical and deep thoughts, that make you curious and question the world more. You may be impulsive and jump from idea to idea however all the ideas you have are creative and unique. People are secretly awed by you and your attitude to life.
    You have strong values however you are not scared by change, instead accepting everyone for what and who they are.
    You will always be confident and over achieve in one or more topics, which you are passionate and find comfort in.
    People rely on you for the truth and although making friends may sometimes be difficult, the ones you make usually stick around. You are a creative problem solver and you use your imagination to your advantage.
    You may be unique but you are awesome.
    Feel free to message me I would love to be your friend <3

  3. I had the result:

    Your soul is a mixture of dark colours.
    You are empathetic, sincere and understanding. Of course, that is the generic answer. You are much more than this, but I can’t squeeze it all into a 100 words! 🙂
    You feel more emotions than everyone else, and because of this you can empathize and understand people a lot more. People feel accepted and content in your presence. You experience everything more. Even though you might be shy or reluctant to share ideas, you have an amazing and unique perspective that anyone lucky enough to hear them would be grateful.
    You may find it hard to make friends, but when you do, you make them feel the best they have ever been.
    You’re pretty awesome, but sometimes you might forget that, and you shouldn’t! You are a admirable and beautiful person, and even when you struggle you are selfless and helpful to those that need it.
    Feel free to send me a message, I would love to be your friend and help you if you need someone <3
    Well it is spot on.

  4. I love the way the result of the quizzes hits my personality.. Almost correct…Love to have quizzes everyday.. More power more blessings more light…

  5. Thank you for the quiz!
    It was very informative!
    I’m a mixture of Bright Colors; I thought for sure it would be Dark Colors.
    I discovered something new about myself.

    Thank you! 🙂


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