These DNA Activation symptoms can tell you if you are experiencing an expansion of your higher self as you unlock the power of your ancestral DNA.

DNA is an abbreviation for the words deoxyribonucleic acid. It is the molecule containing the genetic code of organisms of our human life.

Our genomes are mostly made up of what is called “Junk DNA” or parts of your genetic code that do not get expressed anymore.

The DNA Activation symptoms listed below appear as a result of the increased vibrations and influx of cosmic energy that happens as your ancestral DNA activates through mutations in your genome.

As humans evolve, so does our DNA.

53 DNA Activation Symptoms

Can you spot these DNA Activation symptoms?

1. Electronics, home appliances, light bulbs, and other electrical items seem to stop working or short out more often when you are around.

2. Nature and the wellbeing of Mother Earth are fundamental to you and your key living a harmonious life on Earth. You feel as though you have a special connection with the natural world.

3. Anxiety and panic attacks, especially those that come from nowhere.

4. You keep getting yourself into sticky situations, but you find that along the way you are learning a lot about yourself – especially in how to deal with negative people and emotions.

5. Manic episodes that send you hyperactive, like a gleeful child on a sugar rush.

6. An undeniable sense that something within you has changed. You don’t feel like the same person you were before – and part of you is pleased about that.

7. You get the urge to put your own needs aside for the benefit of others. Charity work suddenly seems far more worthy of your time and effort.

8. Elevated heart rate, heart fluttering and sometimes even chest pains – though if you are getting regular chest pains, you should see a doctor and get a heart health test to be sure to rule out health problems.

9. A bunch of different things you have been juggling together for some time are suddenly falling into place. Things are going your way right now.

10. An influx of cosmic energy into your system, helping you to express high vibrational emotions and states.

11. Increased intellectual power as the neurons in your left brain hemisphere begin to mutate.

12. An unshakeable feeling that you are an integral part of the universe, a part of something so large as to be incomprehensible to a single mind.

13. Your perspectives are changing, and the world seems like a brand new place. People arrive in your life that helps you with this process.

14. Heightened senses and spatial awareness, including hearing, balance, and smell.

15. Your creative powers are begging to be let loose, leading you to have productive bursts of creativity.

16. You have been experiencing a lot of visual messages in your peripheral vision.

17. Increasingly having problems getting to sleep, or staying asleep through the night. Caused by too much stimulation due to heightened activity on the astral plane.

18. Going out and socializing moves down your list of priorities.

19. Changes in your hearing and other senses.

20. Headaches, back pain, and neck pain. An overall tenseness tends to hit the area where your skull meets your neck at the back.

21. Visual artifacts, often in the form of geometric shapes. Spotting the Merkaba Star is an excellent sign.

22. Dietary changes, especially drastic weight gain or loss. If you suffer from eating disorders, these flare back up.

23. Increased powers of intent and manifestation, bringing your inner reality to the external world.

24. Muscular weakening during the transition stage.

25. Muscle spasms, twitches, and pain.

26. Changes in taste. Your favorite foods change.

27. Tingling or burning sensations in all of your extremities.

28. Impatience.

29. A general withdrawal from the world, yearning for some alone time.

30. Periods of tiredness, lethargy, and laziness.

31. An inability to focus that affects your meditation.

32. Your hair and nails start growing faster than usual.

33. Mood swings begin to get in the way of your daily life, going from happy and energetic in one moment to down and fatigued in the next.

34. You have started being able to see auras, although this may appear as hanging points of light in the air until you have trained.

35. Appearance or increase in power of your psychic abilities.

36. Your dreams have become more vivid, and you get the sense that they hold a deeper meaning. You gain some lucidity in these dreams that you can build upon later.

37. Increase in blood pressure.

38. Tingling down the spine on a regular basis that doesn’t seem to have an explanation.

39. Rashes, allergic reactions, and skin irritations like dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

40. Bowel problems, including IBS.

41. Increase or decrease in libido, usually sudden and quite drastic.

42. A quickening in your sense of time. It just seems like the days are dripping away more and more quickly.

43. Seeing bright light through your mind’s eye, even when your physical eyes are closed.

44. Less inclination to speak, preferring to keep your thoughts to yourself.

45. Faintness, dizziness, and light-headedness.

46. Excitation of the Crown chakra, which often leads to tingling on the crown of the head as cosmic energy enters your system through this portal.

47. Bloodshot or yellow eyes, often with bags under them and looking very tired.

48. Depression, generally feeling down and feeling as though you lack control.

49. Increased vividity of colors, especially in nature.

50. Sluggishness in the morning, an inability to get the day moving as quickly as you used to.

51. Unpredictable mood and emotional instability.

52. Physical changes, especially in weight, muscularity, and posture.

53. A feeling of destiny – that you will experience true love soon.

If you think you might be experiencing these DNA Activation symptoms, then congratulations! You are going through an unsettling but ultimately rewarding process that will leave you in an ascended, more enlightened state.

Keep your meditation schedule regular and healthy, ensure that you see a doctor about physical symptoms and try to resist the urge to isolate yourself for too long!

Above all, look out for yourself, your wellbeing, and your health.