Dogs may be man’s best friend, but we think that cats get a raw deal when we say that. Maybe cats are a woman’s best friend!

After all, cats have protected us for as long as dogs have – and they have some special tricks up their socks to help protect us from demons, negative energy and other damaging metaphysical phenomena.

So while a dog may keep out physical intruders, we should not forget that cats can keep at bay the metaphysical intruders that we often cannot detect.

The Strong Aura Of The Cat

Cats are known to have strong, protective auras.

Many believe that this is because cats are incarnations of some of the oldest souls. These old souls have developed powerful protection auras as they have travelled their soul journey, and they like to use them.

Cat auras attract and neutralise negative energy in a home or building. In Russia, it is common practice to allow your cat to enter a new building first to clear the negative energy from it.

This negative energy can come from a variety of sources. It could be your negative energy that you are neglecting to deal with, or it could be a leftover from some traumatic event in the history of the place.

It could also be a negative energy being – or demon, as many like to put it.

The Protective Nature Of Cats

Have you ever noticed your cat walking around the house with a purpose, only to look off into space or directly at a blank wall?

You may have thought your kitty was losing its marbles, but what it is doing is dealing with growing pockets of negative energy.

Their instincts to protect us from negative energy build-ups that are long established. Cats have been used for centuries to ensure evil spirits never enter the home for fear of being neutralised by our feline friends.

This is why many cats insist on entering the home before their owners. Negative energy tends to spread on its own, and your cat is merely trying to clear a path through it for you.

Helping Your Cat With Its Mission

Of course, it isn’t entirely the cat’s responsibility to keep the negative energy demons at bay. Part of the responsibility is on you as the human.

When you notice your cat doing strange things, staring into space, or seeming overly interested in a whole lot of nothing – just leave them be!

These funny felines are master cleansers of negative energy, and they don’t need you getting in the way.

But if your cat then approaches you looking for attention, you should give it to them. This is usually a request for help. To amplify your cat’s protective aura – and protect yourself in the process – you should pet your cat on the back of the neck while running your hands gently along the tail.

This helps to calm the cat, who is battling the negative energy it has absorbed in an attempt to convert it to nourishing light.

So that is how cats protect us from negative energy and the associated demons. Remember, if you suspect there has been a demon in the house it never hurts to burn some sage – especially if the cat seems especially and uncharacteristically interested in the sage and where you keep it.