Many people do not believe that lightworkers fall in love and get married.

However, the truth is that we do! We may do it a little bit differently than most people do, but we do.

In this article, I will talk about what makes us different from non-lightworkers as well as share some tips for those who are looking to find their true soulmate or twin flame.

The short answer is:

All lightworkers incarnate with their soulmate or twin flame.

However, the lightworker is only allowed to do so when they are ready for their mission in this life and have finished processing all of their karma from other lifetimes. This means that most lightworkers will not meet their soulmate/twin flame until later on in their lives.

Do Lightworkers Fall in Love?

Some spiritual teachers have propagated the idea that lightworkers are better off alone or don’t need to be in relationships.

The truth is that we do, but only when the time is right and if it serves our mission for this life.

Lightworkers have a strong sense of intuition which will tell them when they are ready to enter into a relationship with their soulmate or twin flame.

This can happen at any age after completing their karma and mission for this life.

The choice is yours there are no rules if you are to be with someone and you both think it’s the right decision the universe won’t stand in your way.

There are many benefits of completing your mission together in a union with your soulmate or twin flame.

Love can be the most powerful force for change or enlightenment on the planet.

There is a lot of love and understanding between soulmates as they have been together through many lifetimes so do not underestimate this type of relationship.

Do Lightworkers Get Married?

Lightworkers do get married, but it is often done in a way that can take years of planning before the actual wedding ceremony occurs.

This may be because one-half of the couple needs to complete something important first or they just need more time to plan things out than most couples do.

If you do decide to do things this way you should do it with the right intentions and for the growth of both partners.

If not, then there is no point in doing so as it will just be another obstacle that causes problems rather than solving them.

The marriage needs to be one that is of a cosmic connection too not just for the sake of being married.

Find someone who is also on their spiritual path and has similar interests with you so that marriage does not become a test or trial.

Do Lightworkers Have Twin Flames?

Many times, they won’t actually know who their twin flame is until they do a past life regression and discover that the person who has been popping into their head (and/or dreams) for years, actually used to be one of their closest friends during another lifetime.

Sometimes their twin flame might not be in the same reality as they are, but in another reality that is parallel to the one, they are living on now.

This will mean that nothing can be done about it until both reach a high enough level of consciousness or vibration so they can do things like astral travel, and meet up with each other at higher dimensional planes where their twin flame resides.

The twin flame relationship is a metaphysical connection that resides in the higher dimension where the concept of conventional love does not exist, it is something higher in vibration.

When a lightworker and their twin flame do get together, they will experience true unconditional love on an entirely different level than what we do here in the third dimension where most relationships lack this type of connection.

The thing with twins is that after ascending to higher dimensions it won’t matter if you are both male or female, you will both be able to do what is necessary with your energetic connections that are beyond this physical world.


As a lightworker, you should do what’s necessary for alignment with your soul and do whatever it takes to complete your mission.

However, it is a good idea for you to be in a relationship with someone who also has the same spiritual aspirations as you do so that there are no issues or problems.

So do not listen to any of those people out there telling you lightworkers do not do these things.

So do what’s best for you and your soul!

Just remember one thing: be true to yourself always because there is no greater gift than the authenticity of self.