The twin flame relationship is full of interesting quirks and notable coincidences. It has been noted by many that twin flames have a weird habit of looking alike.

To explain this twin flame phenomenon and how it works, we should talk about mirror souls and the interplay of twin flame cosmic energy.

Mirror Souls

Twin flames can also be described as “mirror souls”. This is because they originate from the same soul, but split into mirror representations of that soul.

The twin flame split creates a delicate balance of shared and opposite traits.

Usually, the values and specific physical characteristics will be shared, whereas strengths and weaknesses are more often opposite.

Looking More Alike Over Time

What might surprise you is that twin flames often grow to look more like each other as time goes by.

But if you think about it, it makes sense. Have you ever noticed how many old couples look like each other?

It’s rarer with younger couples, which speaks to the power of time spent together.

The way this works is also interesting – it is all down to sharing energy.

Bringing Twin Flames Closer Together

One of the main mechanisms of the twin flame relationship – and in many ways the root of its power – is the twin flame connection.

When you are with your twin flame, your aura energy mixes, you absorb some of theirs, and they absorb some of yours.

Over time, you develop a sort of shared aura. This happens when your energies become almost identical.

The thing is, your energy state has a lot of effects on your emotions, your mind, your soul and yes, your body.

This energy interplay is the source of twin flames looking more alike as time goes by and goes some way to explain why they often look similar in the first place.

When Twin Flames Don’t Look Alike

That all being said, not all twin flames do look alike.

There are a lot of environmental factors to consider, like childhood nutrition, lifestyle, career, and so on. All of these can affect how someone looks.

But there are also karmic reasons you and your twin flame might look different.

For instance, if your karmic journey requires you to deal with old wounds related to physical appearance, vanity or self-esteem, it might be important for you and your twin flame to look different.

But twin flames almost always “look good” together, even when they don’t look alike.

Don’t Find Your Twin Flame By Looks

It should be said that this is no way to find and identify your twin flame.

It is an unreliable metric, as there is no knowing in advance whether your twin flame will look similar to you or not.

It’s also pointless, as you will know your twin flame in a thousand ways that have nothing to do with how they look.

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