Twin souls are inextricably linked by an unbreakable, powerful spiritual connection.

We each have one, from whom we were split at birth from the same soul as mirror expressions on this planet. Our twin soul plays the most crucial role in our spiritual journey out of everyone that we will meet.

We often first experience our spiritual selves and the spiritual plane in dreams.

Here we are relieved of our physical body while it rests, and we are delivered to the spiritual plane where we can experience life as a spirit for short bursts.

In fact, it is on the spiritual plane while dreaming that most people first encounter their twin soul.

So it is very likely that our twin soul will appear in our dreams. But under what circumstances do twin souls appear in each other’s dreams?

First Meeting

As mentioned, our first meeting with our twin soul often occurs on the spiritual plane in our dreams.

The reason for this is to help us to pre-align our energies to ease our first meeting on the physical plane while awake.

Without this, we would be so overwhelmed by this meeting that we would almost certainly run from the relationship.

After Meeting On The Physical Plane

Once we have met on the physical plane, our twin soul will often appear in our dreams – and us in theirs, of course!

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This is a standard feature of the early stages of the twin soul relationship.

During this time, the soul thinks of little else other than bringing us together with our twin soul and while we dream we are subject to this yearning to be near them.

Often we will meet with them on the spiritual plane, a phenomenon known as shared dreaming.

We know when this happens when both twin souls report having had the same dream about each other, though not necessarily at the same time. Time is weird on the spiritual plane. It does not exist.

During Separation

Unfortunately, the most intense spiritual dreaming including our twin soul is during separation from our twin soul.

At this time, the soul’s yearning for our twin soul is at its peak.

At an already stressful time, our spiritual self-seems intent on torturing us with constant meeting with our twin soul during dreams.

This can be incredibly difficult and draining, as those of us who have experienced intrusive dreams can attest to.

This type of dreaming works both ways – our twin soul will also be dreaming of us.

There are things we can do to stop this dreaming, though it will take some work. We could try meditation, affirmations and contemplation.

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We could try to reunite with our twin soul. We could even try moving on, looking for a new relationship.

But the best way is to address the problems head-on.

This type of unpleasant dreaming of our twin soul usually indicates we have things to deal with spiritually before we can be reunited with them. The universe does not torture us needlessly.

Look within yourself, address the blocked energies that are keeping you locked into this dreaming, and they will surely evaporate and be replaced by more helpful dream experiences.

Unless, of course, you want to keep this dream-based relationship with your twin soul going until you are reunited.