Do you end up with your twin flame? To answer this question, you must first understand the concept of twin flames. Twin flames were singular beings before their souls were cleaved into two distinct beings by the universal source.

So, let me ask you this pressing question: Can you feel whole in the absence of your other half? Of course not! You can’t rest easy unless you have them in your loving embrace.

The gaping hole in the centre of your heart does not fill until you become a permanent part of their lives.

So, do you end up with your twin flame? Yes! Our lives have been fated to unite with our twin on the planet earth. For some people, it might take years to acknowledge this fact.

What is the nature of twin flame relationships?

Twin flame relationships are turbulent. To attain spiritual equilibrium, the twins must first embark upon their spiritual journeys.

They must understand that the only way they can harmonise their relationship is by facing their fears and insecurities.

They can only do that if they accept themselves with all their flaws and imperfections. Twin flames live harrowing lives.

Their childhood is marked by disturbing events, such as emotional and physical abuse of the highest order.

They are denied a place in the society because of their indifferent mentalities. This harsh treatment sows the seeds of self-hatred inside their hearts.

Although they are kind and generous to complete strangers, they lack the capability to love their own selves. They shun love and retreat to the darkest corners of their mind.

Are twin flames destined to be together?

No matter how many times twins run away from each other, they are reunited by the official decree of the divine source.

It’s ineffable how this happens, but it all makes sense. Worldly affairs trap us in a life of oblivion.

We’re so delved in futile pursuits that we forget why we have been sent to this world. Our twin flames stumble across us when we’re at our miserable worst.

And trust me, it’s no coincidence. The universe knows that we need a push or else we’ll forever be trapped in our bottomless pit of existentialism.

Our twin flames impart valuable life lessons, thrusting us towards spiritual illumination. Spirituality demands cerebral and physical struggle.

And that’s precisely what our twins have in store for us. Once we’ve resolved our emotional conflicts, we can live in harmony with our twin for an eternity.

So, do you end up with your twin flame? Most certainly! All you have to do is gain inner peace and self-acceptance.

You have to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I, too, deserve love”. Don’t run away from your emotional troubles.

Try to understand them, because within them, lies your cure. To create an antidote for venom, you must first understand its composition.

Some people can establish a stable twin flame relationship in a matter of years, but for some, it becomes a tedious struggle. In the end, ending up with your twin flame is not a question of if but when. I hope this answers the question ”do you end up with your twin flame”.