Does everyone meet their twin flame? This is a complicated question, one that needs a comprehensive answer, assessing the different facets of a twin flame union.

There’s no sure way to know if you’ll ever meet your twin flame, but despite incalculable odds, as we approach the Age of Aquarius, lady luck is shining on more and more people.

It is leading them to their soul-mirrors, giving them an opportunity to find peace and security in their twins loving embrace.

Why does the universe plan twin flame unions?

The universe isn’t doing this to merely give us a shot at a romantic and emotionally fulfilling relationship. It is doing so to increase the vibration of the planet.

This elevated consciousness of the planet can benefit the entire human race and propel them towards perpetual love and light.

In our lives, we come across many soul-mates. They come in the form of friends and family, lovers etc. But twin flames are an entirely different species.

They are our energetic mirrors. They vibrate with the same energy as we do. They complete us in every sense of the word.

That’s why when we meet them; we feel an intense surge of energy inside our bodies. Our energies instantly align with them. There’s an undeniable spark spiking our souls.

Who exactly are twin flames?

When we were born, the divine source created us and our twin as one. But, our souls got cleaved into two distinct halves, resulting in estrangement.

So, when we meet our twins in our lives again, we feel a sense of familiarity, as if we’ve known them all along. We feel as if we’ve spent a lifetime with them.

So, we can only have one twin flame. Does everyone meet their twin flame? Certainly so! It’s all about recognition. We should keep our eyes open and keep the doors open for our twin’s arrival.

Our union with our twin is not a matter of if but when. The universe conspires in bringing twin flames together.

Sometimes twin flames are our spirit guides

However, there is an exception to this rule. Sometimes our twin flames spiritual journey varies.

The universal source keeps them in the spiritual realm for the attainment for a much higher purpose.

They do not incarnate in the physical realm at the same time as we do.

And unfortunately, this deprives us of their company on the planet earth. In such a situation, they meet you as a spirit guide and not as a living breathing human.

As spirit guides, twin flames play the same role in our lives as they do in the human form. They align us with our higher-selves and guide us towards spiritual illumination.

Yes! We all meet our twins one way or another

So, does everyone meet their twin flame? Certainly so! Some people are lucky enough to meet their fated partners in physical forms, while, for others, they simply appear as spirit guides.

In both forms, they contribute to our spiritual upbringing and help us realise our true purpose in life.