Does my twin flame love me? Unrequited love is an excruciating experience.

It can even dispirit the excessively tenacious.

However, should you be concerned about the validity of your twin flame’s love?

Trust me, if you have any doubts or confusions about twin flame love, uproot them.

Why do I say that? To answer this question, I’ll have to elucidate the concept of twin flames first.

So what are twin flames?

Twin flames are soul or energetic mirrors.

They’re fated partners that were essentially a single soul-unit at the time of their birth.

And I’m not talking about their birth in the physical world.

All of us were cradled in the loving arms of the universal source before our incarnation on planet earth.

The divine source thought it wise to cleave our souls and divide us into two distinct halves.

Most of us don’t understand the motives or deliberation of a higher power until things are made clear to us.

Anyway, back to the million dollar question, ”does my twin flame love me?”

Does my twin flame love me?

Before our union with our twin flame, we didn’t even believe in the concept of love.

When we do unite with them, our belief in love reasserts itself ― well, initially at least.

The starting part of a twin flame relationship is filled with merriment and understanding.

But as time passes by, the twin flames unveil parts of their past that they had suppressed for a considerable part of their lives.

This surprising renaissance of vile emotions takes a toll on them.

Most of the twin flames undergo emotional trauma and physical and emotional abuse in their childhood.

At that the time, they employ negligence as a coping mechanism but their twin flame does the exact opposite.

He or she makes him face the darkest aspects of his soul.

Most people prefer numbness to confrontation.

However, people who weather storms with sheer will spiritually enlighten while those who turn to substance abuse and worldly temptations to numb their senses only exacerbate their emotional conditions.

Most people live their lives hiding away from the truth.

But they can no longer do that when they unite with their twin flame.

All these emotional conflicts spring up the runner chaser dynamic.

One of the twin flames runs (the male counterpart) because he is spiritually immature and hasn’t yet cleansed himself of his past.

The other is spiritually evolved, more embracing of love.

She chases the runner desperately and sometimes, scepticism gets the better of her.

She doubts the twin flame love.

But all her cynicism is baseless because twin flames are destined to find eternal bliss one way or another.

The universe conspires in aligning their fates.

So, you shouldn’t even ask the question ”Does my twin flame love me?”

The answer to is tacitly obvious. Yes!

No power on this earth can deny you your twin flame.

Always keep that in mind.

You’ll need this reminder to navigate the tortuous path of the twin flame journey.

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