The twin flame relationship is extremely challenging.

If you are reading this article, then you probably already know that, and you are likely to be experiencing the hardest part of the whole relationship right now.

Your twin flame has become your twin flame runner.

You have my sympathy – this is easily one of the hardest things to experience. The good news is, you are not alone.

Almost every twin flame relationship has a runner and a chaser. That is just how the twin flame relationship works. The nature of the beast, if you will.

You might feel a lot of strong emotions right now – loss, pain, loneliness, heartbreak.

You probably feel like a part of you has been ripped out and there is an empty void within you that you are scared you might never be able to fill without your twin flame.

You might also harbour feelings of resentment towards your twin flame. How could they turn their back on the most important relationship of both of your lives? Why would they run from destiny?

Do they even care about me? Do they think about me?

The Runner

Yes, he thinks about you.

In fact, all of those feelings of loss, pain, loneliness and emptiness are shared by them. they are experiencing the same pain you are, the same sense that a part of them has been torn away.

The same heartbreak.

And the same feelings of resentment, too – though that resentment is not aimed at you, but at themselves.

Their soul knows it belongs in unity with yours. It has identified that since before you even met.

And it yearns to be reunited with yours, yearns to reunite them with you, just as yours does. What drives them away is not a lack of caring or a lack of love, but a surplus of existential fear.

The intensity of the twin flame relationship is almost always too scary for one of the twins.


But there will never be a day in their life during which they do not think about you. It is woven into the fabric of the universe that you are to be reunited.

And it is the thought of you that will drive a spiritual evolution in them, a transformation intended to pull them back to you. To ready them for the full realisation of the twin flame relationship.

But the onus is not all on them.

They will need to change, transform and evolve. But so will you.

And the most important thing you can do is carry on along your own spiritual journey, caring for yourself and addressing your own weakness, your shortcomings.

It can be challenging to remain on the path to enlightenment and ascension when you are experiencing those intense emotions.

But that is a karmic lesson from the universe. You need to be able to do that before you are truly ready to reunite.

So in truth, although they might be running from you, they have not really gone anywhere.

You might be separated on the physical plane, you might be separated emotionally, but spiritually you are as one as two can be.