The night sky has fascinated humanity since we first stood on two feet and looked upwards. One of the most compelling sights in the cosmos is the shooting star.

Shooting stars have held cosmic meaning for almost every culture through history, and double shooting stars have been especially meaningful.

If you have seen a double shooting star and want to know what it means, then you have come to the right place.

Wish Upon A Shooting Star

Almost everybody is aware of the saying that if you wish on a shooting star that wish will come true.

This originated with the Ancient Greeks, who supposed that shooting stars were a sign that the gods had peeled back the veil to the heavens to take a peek at humanity.

It followed for them that seeing a shooting star meant that the gods were paying attention to you.

No better time for a wish.

Double Shooting Star – Good Luck Omen?

Today, we know that shooting stars are meteorites and small asteroids that burn up in the atmosphere as they collide with the planet.

However, the link between shooting stars and good fortune is still very strong.

While the Ancient Greeks may have been wide of the mark, in a weird way, they were right!

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We are presented with shooting stars by the cosmos when we need to be given a message of hope.

A single shooting star is a straightforward good luck omen, letting us know that we can be hopeful that things will work out for us shortly.

Double shooting stars are much rarer and indicate a splendid omen, usually in the realm of relationships, love and companionship.

Double Shooting Star – Lucky In Love

We can see the single shooting star as a good omen for us as an individual. It is because the number one often relates to independence, solitude and self-determinism.

The number two relates to relationships, companionship and love.

A double shooting star is, therefore, an omen of good luck in the realm of love and companionship.

Many people report that they met their current partner shortly after seeing a double shooting star.

Some have even been with that person when they saw the double shooting star together, which – aside from being very romantic – is a reliable sign that love is beginning to bloom.

So Should I Wish On A Double Shooting Star?

Though shooting stars do not grant wishes, it is a sign that you are receiving from the universe.

In the immediate aftermath of this kind of sign, you do have a stronger connection to the Source energy.

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This supercharges your powers of affirmation.

So while your wish will not be “granted” as such, the act of affirmation that is speaking a wish can have direct and powerful effects.

You could even go one further, take the hint from the night sky above, and tell that special somebody exactly how you feel.