Dreadlocks are more than a hairstyle; they are an outward expression of one’s inner spiritual journey.

From spiritual growth and enlightenment to connecting with ancestral roots, dreadlocks hold various meanings and significance for those who choose to wear them.

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

For many people, growing dreadlocks is an embodiment of their spiritual practice and a signifier of inner growth and enlightenment.

It symbolizes their willingness to embrace change and their progress in reaching a higher level of consciousness.

Growing dreads are often seen as a type of self-expression that shows the person’s commitment to their faith or spiritual path.

Connection to Ancestral Roots

For many individuals, dreadlocks are also worn to connect with their ancestral roots.

They can be seen as a way to honor African culture, particularly those who wish to recognize the African diaspora history.

Furthermore, some cultures have embraced this style to honor past generations while celebrating their identity and heritage.

Rebellion Against Mainstream Society

Wearing dreadlocks has also been used by some individuals to rebel against mainstream society’s beauty standards or political ideologies.

For those who choose this style, it provides an avenue for self-expression outside the conventional norms set by traditional rules or societal trends.

Holistic Lifestyle and Natural Healing

The trend has even spread beyond religious or cultural purposes.

Individuals from various backgrounds have adopted these hairstyles for holistic living and natural healing by following formulas such as yoga, meditation, veganism, and other medicinal practices in nature-based healing regimens.

This can be seen in movements such as ayurveda which emphasizes a balance between the mind, body soul connection through lifestyle remedies found in indigenous traditions worldwide.

Symbol of Rastafarianism and Reggae Culture

Dreads have become a symbol for Rastafarianism & Reggae culture due to their association with figures like Bob Marley, whose iconic image has come to represent these two genres of music worldwide.

The locks are often worn as part of religious rituals among members seeking redemption & redemption through communal gatherings known as “reasonings,” where participants smoke cannabis (ganja).

This practice has been linked with teachings derived from traditional African thought systems that emphasize oneness & peace among all humanity despite color lines or economic classifications.

Ways to Style Dreadlocks

There are a few distinct ways for people to style dreadlocks: interlocking, backcombing, palm rolling, and crochet hooking.

  • Interlocking is manually intertwining two pieces of hair together by locking them in place with either a crochet hook or an interlocking tool.
  • Backcombing involves using a fine-toothed comb to loop hair around itself and lock it in place. This can be done with wet or dry hair but is usually done with damp locks as they’re easier to manage.
  • Palm Rolling consists of wrapping individual dreads around your fingers like yarn and rolling them between your palms until they’re secure. This method works best when the dreads have been freshly washed, so they’ll stay twisted together more easily.
  • Crochet Hooking uses a hook tool to entwine strands of hair together, resulting in tightly created locks. This practice requires patience but yields great results if done correctly!

Different Dreadlocks Styles & their Spiritual Meaning

  • Sisterlocks: Sisterlocks is a form of protective hairstyle and are said to represent strength, determination, and independence. They can also be seen as a source of spiritual or symbolic protection.
  • Interlock dreads: Interlock dreads offer aesthetic appeal as well as practicality. This style is associated with intense spirituality and connection to the divine.
  • Freeform Locs: Freeform locs represent freedom, creativity, and self-expression. They are often considered sacred by those who wear them, as they are often seen as an expression of one’s inner spirit and soul.
  • Microlocs: Microlocs provide a way to both express yourself and honor your spirituality at the same time. It is said that the micro locs help create an energy shield that can protect against negative energies while also helping to connect you with positive cosmic energies.

Other Spiritual Meanings

Resistance Through Hair Care

Apart from styling, wearing dreadlocks also has its practical benefits, such as providing resistance against harsh chemical treatments used by salons and helping maintain a natural approach to hairstyling & maintenance.

For example, many people choose not to use heat products on their locs due to the protective features provided by the style itself, which helps reduce breakage that can occur when using heat tools like blow dryers or flat irons.

Signaling Individuality

Many individuals who adopt the dreadlocks style often find themselves standing out from mainstream society — not only with their appearance but also with their confidence in embracing their uniqueness.

It serves as an outward symbol for those who wish to avoid conforming strictly to traditional beauty standards set forth by media outlets & fashion magazines.

Wearing locs can make one feel liberated from social expectations & free from judgemental eyes based solely on appearance.

In essence, it signals individuality & creativity among wearers for whom personal expression is valued above all else.

Freedom From Judgment

Apart from fashion trends & societal norms, dreadlocks are also seen as emotional liberation – allowing wearers freedom from negative judgment imposed upon them by others due solely its visual appeal.

This proverb aptly summarizes this sentiment: “A warrior brave enough never takes comments personally.”

Wearers often note feeling liberated after deciding to don this hairstyle, which allows them self-expression without fear of criticism.

In some cases, even long-term mental health issues have been alleviated after taking on these styles because they embody strength, courage & independence, which are paramount in overcoming emotionally draining situations.

Cutting Dreads: The Spiritual Meaning

For many, cutting their dreadlocks can hold great spiritual significance.

It marks the end of a period of transformation and growth; it’s a way to symbolically release any thoughts or feelings attached to them throughout the journey.

In some cases, individuals even experience a shift in consciousness after cutting their hair.

Meaning of Dreadlocks in Rastafarianism

Within the Rastafarian culture, dreadlocks are seen as a signifier of religious faith and devotion. According to legend, Samson lost his strength and power when he cut his locks, so for this reason, members of the movement choose not to cut their hair as an act of reverence to Haile Selassie I — a powerful figure within Rastafarianism — whom they believed was divinely chosen by God.

Long dreadlocks also signify rebellion against colonialism which is an integral part of the ideology behind these movements.

Furthermore, wearing these hairstyles symbolizes repression and unity among those who practice the Rastafari religion today.

Dreadlocks Spiritual Meaning in Dreams

Dreams featuring dreadlocks can have a spiritual significance, often representing freedom, identity, and power.

It is believed that dreams involving dreadlocks are symbols of strength and courage as they represent the journey of embracing natural hair and being comfortable in one’s own skin.

These images also represent resistance against society’s beauty standards or prove a point to oneself that beauty is not defined by outward appearance.

Additionally, dreams with dreadlocks can signify personal growth; the journey of this particular hairstyle is not always easy, but those who choose them often find a sense of liberation and inner peace once they reach their desired look.

Lastly, dreaming about dreadlocks may symbolize re-discovering oneself or abandoning former beliefs for newer ones with greater potential for self-development.


Overall, wearing dreadlocks allows people from different walks of life to express themselves spiritually or aesthetically without conforming strictly to societal norms imposed upon them.

It is clear that the meaning behind this unique hairstyle goes beyond its physical appearance; it stands for something far deeper – one’s connection with their roots & beliefs in unity between all people regardless of background or circumstances.