What does it mean when you dream about rats? Rats are not generally a pleasant thought, but they may provide crucial information about your life that you aren’t aware of.

Dreaming about rats may denote low self-esteem, insecurity, or fear of stepping out in life.

The following are some of the most common interpretations of this dream.

What does it mean when you dream about rats?

Dream about a dead rat

Having a dream about a dead rat could mean that you’re feeling overwhelmed or afraid. You may be feeling useless or ineffectual.

You might also be feeling a lack of control in a certain aspect of your life. Alternatively, it could indicate that you have come across some bad news.

The dead rat may be a symbol of death or even physical harm. This dream could indicate that you are feeling threatened in some way.

Your own personal feelings towards rats may also influence the interpretation.

If you dislike them, it’s natural to feel more frightened than if they were just another animal.What does it mean when you dream about rats?

What does it mean when you dream about killing rats?

If you dream about killing rats, then it means you have a strong personality, and you are not afraid to take risks.

However, your strong personality may get you into trouble in your waking life.

Alternatively, the dream could represent your need to be productive and successful in your personal or professional life.

Another possible interpretation is that the rat represents a situation you have overcome easily. You should take it as an indication of future success for this reason.

Dreaming about killing rats also means that you have to confront people who are bringing you down.

What does it signify if you dream that a rat bites you?

When you dream about a rat biting you, it can be a sign that someone will betray you in real life.

Luckily, you are suspicious of this person, so it won’t surprise you.

The dream could also indicate that someone has been talking about you behind your back.

Alternatively, it may be a jab at your self-esteem because you let other people get the better of you.

Dreaming of rats in your house?

Rats are known to destroy homes, so they may symbolize some domestic problem in your waking life.

The dream could point to a family member going off the rails. They may be succumbing to bad habits and making life difficult for everyone else around them.

You may also be having problems with pests in your home, which could have resulted from poor hygiene or an incorrect cleaning routine.

Alternatively, the dream is a metaphor for being overrun by your responsibilities. You are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with the demands of daily life.

Chasing or being chased by a ratChasing or being chased by a rat

This dream could be about any disagreement. You are trying to confront someone or ask for something, but they won’t cooperate.

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They run away from you, which is why you are chasing them in your dream.

Alternatively, the rat represents someone manipulative and untrustworthy.

They want to make you feel scared so that they can use this power to their advantage. You might be dealing with someone like this in your life.

What does it signify when you dream about rats crawling on you?

When you dream of rats crawling, your subconscious tells you that you are anxious and overwhelmed by your problems.

You don’t feel like you have the energy to deal with them, making you stressed out.

Alternatively, this dream could indicate that you are feeling vulnerable, especially in a situation where you should be feeling safe.

This is a scary and gross dream, so it may reflect some deep-seated fears you may have.

What does it signify if you dream of a rat jumping on you?What does it signify if you dream of a rat jumping on you?

Rats jumping on you signifies that people are taking advantage of you. You are a very generous person, but nobody seems to appreciate this.

If you dream of a rat jumping on you, then it means that these people are using your good nature as an excuse to get what they want from you.

They are also putting you in difficult situations where you have to choose between them and another very close person.

Perhaps someone in your waking life is trying to drive a wedge between you and your loved ones.

Dreaming of a big rat

Dreaming of a big rat implies that you had a deep-rooted fear when you were young.

You are scared of being overwhelmed in a situation where you have to confront someone or something.

It could be anything, but the important thing is that this fear has stayed with you into your adulthood. It may even affect your current relationship because it’s linked to an old, negative feeling.

Alternatively, it could be a metaphor for something difficult to manage or someone hard work to deal with.

In particular, the dream could point to a situation in your waking life where you are struggling to cope and feel overwhelmed by everything around you.

You like rats and you dream of them

If you like rats, seeing one in your dream is a good sign. It means that you are open-minded and don’t judge people or situations too quickly.

Your gut instincts will lead you to the right place and allow you to avoid making bad decisions.

It could also indicate that you need to confront something in your life, but it’s easier to procrastinate and hope it resolves itself.

What is the spiritual meaning of rats?

Rats have a mystical significance linked to the unexplored aspects of your life. They symbolize the things that you fear and repress.

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These fears manifest themselves as anxiety or self-doubt, which is why they appear as rats in your dream.

It’s a challenge to confront these fears and overcome them to progress in life.

Rats also represent your intuition and gut feelings, which is why they appear in your dream when you need to make a difficult decision or follow your instincts.

Rat dreams – good or bad?Rat dreams - good or bad?

The dream of rats is not always negative, but it most commonly symbolizes anxiety, fear, and vulnerability.

It could mean you are anxious about something in your waking life, which is taking up too much of your attention.

You need to hold onto that feeling and consider it carefully because dreams can be a valuable insight into how you feel about an issue or person.

The dream also indicates insecurity and low self-esteem. You don’t think highly of yourself and tend to doubt yourself in most situations.

You need to work on your confidence and improve your self-worth to find some peace of mind.

What does it signify to dream of rats while pregnant?

When pregnant, dreaming about rats might signal that you are concerned about the future of your unborn child.

Unless you are due to give birth soon, the dream is most likely a metaphor for something causing you anxiety in your waking life—for example, an issue at work or problems with a friend.

You may be feeling overwhelmed by everything around you, so you must take some time out to relax and recharge yourself.

What does a black rat signify in a dream?What does a black rat signify in a dream?

The black rat symbolizes a broken spirit and internal issues you struggle to overcome.

You face these difficulties and challenges alone and find it hard to ask for help because you prefer to handle things independently.

This harms your mental health and could lead to depression or self-doubt.

It also undermines your confidence, causing low self-esteem and anxiety about the future.

What does a white rat signify in a dream?

If you dream of a white rat, it means your problems will soon go away.

This is because the white rat represents your intuition and gut feelings. You need to rely on these instincts more often to make good decisions.

You also need to trust yourself more and overcome your insecurities. Your confidence will improve in time, and you’ll become a stronger, more independent person.


Rats in dreams signify that you need to confront your fears and anxieties.

They indicate low self-esteem and an inability to trust yourself; you feel insecure and tend to overthink everything.

You also lack confidence and find it difficult to make decisions without worrying too much about the consequences.  

If you can confront these challenges, you will feel more confident and relaxed in most situations.