How To Receive Dream Messages And Understand Them

In this article, we discuss dream messages. Are you looking to broaden your ability to read messages and signs in your dreams or just want to access your intuition, dreams are the best way to get insight, advice or messages.

When we dream, we receive insight from the subconscious mind. This knowledge bear clues or impacts our daily lives.


If you are wanting to learn how to receive dream messages, listed below are points you need to know.

Always Have A Dream Journal Ready

Having a journal for writing down dreams is vital if you are to understand the messages.

Always keep your dream journal bedside, write down any dreams when you wake up so you don’t forget them. When you remember details about your dream add them to the journal.

Establish Intention

Always set your intention, when you want receive dream messages, the best time to do this is before you are going to bed.

It’s best to read a mantra to set your intention, there are many dream mantras available on the web, search to find the best ones.


You can also use intentions to get guidance on a specific event, or just ask for a soothing nights sleep.

Symbols As Dream Messages

There are many books and websites that offer dream interpretation, my favorite is, each symbol, animal or whatever you may see in your dreams is unique to you. If the symbol reminded you of someone, then this message is from them.

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Pay attention to any metaphors or symbols that are present in your dream, you can later understand or unlock them or relate them to your daily life experiences.

Herbal Tea

Well known herbs for dreaming are Calea Zachatechhi and Mugwort. Especially Calea Zachatechhi which is great for intensifying your dreams, also good for lucid dreaming. Best consumed as herbal tea, you can mix it with other herbs like peppermint.

To enhance your lucid dreams and astral travel, Mugwort is the herb to have. You may want to add other herbs to increase its efficiency or to just calm your mind. You can add peppermint, passionflower, lavender and chamomile.

Please don’t mix Mugwort and Calea Z, its best to try them on their own.

The best time to drink your tea would be before bed and setting your intention.

Herbs To Enhance Dreamsdream messages

Dream Time Pillow

Dreamtime pillows are a great way to assist in removing negative energies, nightmares, allowing you to have a peaceful nights sleep.

When you have the ideal mix of herbs, the Dreamtime pillow will be great for you to have intense dreams and receive messages.

The best way to use Dreamtime pillow is with herbal tea.


Crystals are brilliant way to maximize dream messages and pure intuition

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When a specific crystal is positioned under your pillow, they can recollect dreams much better, allowing you to have vivid dreams and assist you to receive messages.


The following crystals assist in dream messages;


This crystal has high energetic vibration, helps to initialize higher dimensions in the spirit realm and permit you to better understand your dreams.

Herkimer Diamonds:

These crystals are great for releasing psychic blocks, they also help improve clarity. They are very good at recalling dreams.

Blue Kyanite:

Allows you to tap into your inner reality and higher self. It opens the door for you to receive divine messages.


Activates the third eye chakra, allowing you understand your dreams better. Great for boosting psychic intuition.

It’s easy to receive dream messages when you know how, using these helpful tips you can better understand your dreams and messages they convey. Set your intention and remain open to the messages you might receive.


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