Dreams about falling are very common. In fact, it’s estimated that falling dreams account for about 60% of all bad dreams. But what does it mean when you have a dream about falling? There are actually several possible interpretations.

Dream of Falling Meaning: What Does It Mean?

Common Interpretations of Falling Dreams

When analyzing dreams, it’s important to consider both the symbolic meaning as well as what may be currently happening in your waking life. Here are some of the most common interpretations of dreams about falling:

1. Loss of Control

Often, dreams of falling represent a sense that you are losing control over some aspect of your waking life. This could manifest as feeling a lack of control over your responsibilities and commitments, struggling with a demanding schedule, or feeling that some part of your life is in chaos.

Dreaming of falling can also symbolize a lack of control over your emotions. For example, you may be experiencing powerful negative emotions that feel overwhelming.

2. Insecurities and Fears

Dreams about falling can also reflect deep-seated insecurities, fears and anxieties. The act of falling in a dream indicates that you are feeling threatened, vulnerable, or helpless in the face of a perceived threat.

For example, you may feel anxious about an upcoming test, presentation or some other evaluation. Or, you may feel insecure and self-critical about your abilities in some area. Falling dreams can point to fears about failure that are holding you back.

3. Impending Danger

Along the lines of fear and insecurity, some falling dreams serve as a warning of impending danger or a threat that needs to be addressed. Your subconscious mind may create a falling scenario to grab your attention and motivate you to take action.

In this case, the falling dream prompts you to identify potential threats and sources of distress in your waking life so you can take steps to prepare for or mitigate them.

When Falling Dreams Are Positive

While falling dreams often have a negative connotation, they are not always scary or bad. Some falling dreams actually have positive meanings.

For example, a dream of falling can indicate that you are letting go of inhibitions and barriers that have previously held you back. You may be feeling freer and more open to new ideas, insights and perspectives.

Falling dreams can also point to a new beginning on the horizon, especially if you feel peaceful and calm while falling. This indicates optimism and trust as you embark on a new life phase or transition.

Dream of Falling from a Plane

Dreaming that you are falling from a plane can symbolize loss of control over an important, “high-flying” situation in your waking life. For example, this dream may occur when you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities at work, school, or in some leadership role you hold. The plane represents lofty ambitions and high standards you have set for yourself which now feel threatening and unsafe, like you could crash and fail at any moment.

Proactively addressing areas that feel chaotic, practicing stress management, and challenging self-limiting doubts can help restore a sense of control and confidence to prevent this distressing dream.

Strategies for Coping with Dreams of Falling from Planes

  • Break large responsibilities into smaller, manageable tasks
  • Ask for help when you need it; don’t try to do everything yourself
  • Challenge negative thought patterns about your abilities
  • Take breaks to relax and clear your mind; don’t work incessantly

Dreams About Falling in Water

Water often symbolizes emotions in dreams. Thus, dreaming about plunging into water or falling into an ocean can mirror feeling overwhelmed by strong, negative emotions in your waking life. Anger, grief, heartbreak, anxiety and other intense feelings may feel like “drowning” or being tossed by powerful stormy waters.

Falling into water dreams serve as a warning that you need to acknowledge and constructively express difficult emotions in order to prevent being dragged down by them. Talking to supportive friends, journaling, or seeking professional counseling can all provide healthy outlets for emotional overload.

Coping with Falling in Water Dreams

  • Don’t ignore difficult feelings, talk them through
  • Express emotions in moderation; don’t repress or drown in them
  • Seek help to navigate intense grief, heartbreak or trauma
  • Engage in creative arts like music, painting or writing for expression
  • Practice self-care and stress management every day

Dream of Falling with a Safe Landing

When you have a dream about falling but land safely without harm, this indicates positive personal growth and transitions ahead. Your subconscious is likely preparing you to let go of old habits, behaviors or beliefs that restrict your potential for happiness and success.

The dream reassures you that it is safe to take risks, face fears and venture into unfamiliar territory. You will not crash and fail. Instead, you are learning to trust in your resilience and ability to handle new challenges.

Making the Most of Falling with Safe Landings

  • Identify outdated perspectives you are ready to shed
  • Brainstorm ideas for expanding your horizons
  • Make a list of things you would try if fear wasn’t holding you back
  • Take small steps outside your comfort zone each day
  • Talk to those who have blazed a similar trail for guidance

Dream of Having the Sensation of Falling

Dreams where you jolt awake just as you start to fall (but don’t actually visualize the fall) indicate that your mind is still processing anxieties and uncertainties from the day. Sudden sensations of falling happen during the lightest stages of sleep when people are more easily roused into wakefulness.

Therefore, this falling dream signifies anxiety about a situation that remains unresolved. Your mind is saying “Hey! We still need to figure this out!” Take some time the next day to thoughtfully analyze your worries so your mind can rest easy.

Coping with Falling Sensation Dreams

  • Don’t ignore issues causing underlying worry or distress
  • List out uncertainties contributing to your concerns
  • Brainstorm constructive solutions and next step actions
  • Talk to supportive friends and mentors to bring fresh perspective

Dream of Seeing Other People Falling

Witnessing other people falling in a dream often represents aspects of your own personality and characteristics that make you feel vulnerable or out of control. You may feel unable to stop these unwanted traits, behaviors and emotions from bringing you down, like watching someone slip off a cliff.

However, realizing what needs to change within yourself is the first step toward growth and improvement. Allow the dream to motivate self-reflection and actions towards self-mastery.

Learning from Dreams About Others Falling

  • What traits in the fallers represent weaknesses or blind spots within yourself?
  • What constructive actions can you take to manage these vulnerabilities?
  • What changes would make you feel more confident and in control?
  • List role models who exemplify the strengths you wish to cultivate

Dream of Falling from a Cliff, Roof or Height

In dreams, falling from great heights like cliffs, roofs, or out windows signifies feeling an imminent major threat of failure, humiliation or devastating loss. You may feel “on the edge” regarding an important responsibility like a work project, relationship, or upcoming event.

Your mind creates the dramatic crisis dream to urge immediate action to secure stability and prevent calamity. Think what pressing obligations or goals have you anxious? Brainstorm constructive ways to strengthen these foundations.

Stepping Back from the Edge After Falling

  • List areas that feel risky, unstable or urgent
  • Break large tasks into smaller, doable steps
  • Ask experts how they prevented major stumbles
  • Research best practices for stabilizing weaknesses
  • Make self-care a priority to clear your mind

Dreams of Falling from the Sky

Falling from the sky in dreams reflects feeling completely helpless and out of control regarding a challenging life situation. Like skydiving without a parachute, you feel unsupported and unable to influence or improve difficulties weighing on your mind.

However, though parachutes fail, your own inner resilience and problem-solving abilities will not. This dream signifies it is time to stop avoiding difficulties and proactively harness your talents and resources to regain control.

Floating Down from Falling Sky Dreams

  • List specific problems that feel overwhelming
  • Determine areas where you do have power to affect change
  • Research solutions and make a constructive action plan
  • Enlist help from supportive friends and experts
  • Reward progress and celebrate small wins

Falling from a Building in a Dream

Dreaming of falling from tall buildings mirrors work worries and lost control regarding professional projects. In your career, you may feel actual or metaphorical foundations crumbling that jeopardize important plans.

Anxiety about failing expectations, missing deadlines or losing status may cause this dramatic dream. However, letting negative emotions run wild further erodes stability. Channel nervous energy into constructive progress and righting foundations.

Career Calamity Prevention After Falling Dreams

  • Make task lists to reinforce foundations
  • Break large assignments into doable chunks
  • Clarify expectations and deadlines with managers
  • Research past project post-mortems for stabilization tips
  • Celebrate milestones and reward diligent progress

Dreams of Falling Inside the Ground

Being swallowed up or falling into the ground represents feelings of depression and despair. You may feel buried, smothered, or trapped by destructive thought patterns regarding a difficulty in your waking life.

Rather than giving up hope, allow this dream to reinvigorate resolve to seek support and keep fighting. Small consistent actions to improve your situation and mood add up over time. Maintain perspective by reminding yourself “This too shall pass.”

Crawling Up from Under Ground After Falling In

  • Talk to supportive friends and family
  • Challenge negative thought distortions
  • List small pleasures and comforting distractions
  • Establish healthy self-care routines
  • Seek counseling if mood persists or worsens

Dream of Falling in an Elevator

Elevators symbolically convey transitions between different stages of life. Thus, falling dreams involving elevators represent perceived failures regarding major life changes and feeling “low” about new roles and identities.

For example, new parents may dream of plunging in an elevator as they feel overwhelmed adjusting to caring for an infant. Or, newlyweds may experience this dream while navigating early marital growing pains.

Smoothing Life Transition Falls After Elevator Dreams

  • Talk to trusted mentors who have undergone similar changes
  • Research common hurdles so you feel prepared
  • Celebrate small milestones and adjustments
  • Practice radical self-acceptance and patience
  • Look for humor and joy during the process

Landing at the Bottom or End of Something

Dream images of landing safely at the bottom or end of a fall often symbolize successful completion of a difficult transition period. You have endured many ups and downs, fears of failure, and steep learning curves to finally reach the landing point.

Therefore, falling dreams with landings are very positive signals indicating resilience, growth and readiness for the next life phase. You can feel confident in new abilities, strength of character and lessons learned during the descent.

Capitalizing on Reached Landings

  • Take inventory of acquired skills and strengths
  • Note areas still needing work for continued growth
  • Set goals to channel positive momentum into new projects
  • Reward yourself for persevering until landing
  • Don’t dwell on past struggles; focus on horizons ahead

Dreams of Others Falling

As referenced earlier, seeing other people fall in dreams tends to mirror traits within your own character that make you feel out of control or headed for calamity. The “others” actually represent you.

More specifically, observing multiple people falling indicates different aspects of life where you feel extremely overwhelmed lately. Your subconscious jumbles together worries about work, relationships, money, health or other key areas into one dramatic scene.

Lessons After Watching Others Plummet

  • Examine what specific realms of life each “faller” represents
  • List worries and uncertainties plaguing you regarding each
  • Break overwhelming worries into small manageable steps
  • Consult experts to strengthen unstable areas
  • Challenge irrational fears and perfectionism

Are You on the Edge of a Cliff

Dreaming you are standing on the edge of a cliff or precipice overlooking a fall relates to feeling extremely pressured and anxious about an impending high-stakes decision. For example, deciding whether to take a new job across the country or end a troubled relationship weighs heavily like teetering on a steep cliff.

This dream comes as a warning to carefully evaluate all options before proceeding since impulsive choices made under duress often turn out poorly. Seek objective insights before determining next steps.

Inching Back from the Cliff Edge

  • List pros and cons for important pending decisions
  • Research statistics and facts regarding possible outcomes
  • Talk to trusted advisors to gain wise perspective
  • Allow time to carefully weigh options without pressure
  • Trust in your ability to handle challenges ahead

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

When interpreting falling dreams, ask yourself these key questions:

  • What situation or conflict in my waking life feels out of control right now?
  • What upcoming events, responsibilities or evaluations am I feeling anxious or insecure about?
  • Is there an area of my life where I am feeling threatened or vulnerable lately?
  • Am I ready to let go of limiting beliefs that have held me back?
  • Do I have fears or insecurities that are preventing me from making a positive life change or taking a risk?

Examining your emotional state, thought patterns, relationships and situations can help uncover deeper meanings in your falling dreams. Keep a dream journal to track important details that can aid analysis.

Strategies for Coping with Falling Dreams

If your falling dreams are causing distress or anxiety, the following strategies may help provide comfort and reassurance:

Practice Relaxation and Stress Management

Manage stress levels through relaxation practices like meditation, yoga, deep breathing and mindfulness. This can help calm your mind and body, leading to less anxiety being processed in dreams.

Face and Resolve Waking Life Issues

If you suspect your falling dreams stem from a lack of control over some area of your responsibilities, take proactive steps get organized, prioritize obligations and handle pressing issues. Dealing with challenges head on can remove their symbolic appearance in dreams.

Challenge Fear and Insecurity

Boost self-confidence by identifying growth opportunities to expand your capabilities. Or, confront irrational fears by analyzing their factual basis and brainstorming constructive ways to manage them. This can limit falling dreams sparked by fear or insecurity.

Change Your Perspective

Rather than viewing falling dreams as terrifying omens, choose to see them as helpful messengers flagging areas of your life that need attention. Appreciate their role in promoting self-awareness and opportunity for positive change.


In summary, falling dreams generally indicate a sense of losing control, intense insecurities and fears, or an impending threat looming ahead. But they can also sometimes signify positive transitions, fresh starts and freedom from past limitations. Pay attention to important clues the dreams provide into your emotional state and current life situation to benefit from their deeper meaning.

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