Dream Symbols and Meanings You Need To Know

There are many dream symbols and meanings, I have listed the most important ones below.

1. Boxes.

When you dream of boxes it means there is something hidden from you. If you see an empty box implies a feeling of despair. When you see many boxes signifies you are having problem processing your feelings and you want to hide them.


dream symbols and meanings2. Phones.

To see a ringing phone implies that some of your personality is trying to be in touch with you. There might be an enlightening scenario right around the corner. If your not answering the phone means your choosing to ignore the messages.

3. Flying.

This is my favorite type of dream, they are also classified as lucid. The flying dreams is a wake up call from your subconscious. Flying also means whatever difficult situation you are in your waking life, you are rising above it.

4. Moon dreams.

When you dream and see the moon means something unseen or perhaps a creative side of you is trying to surface.

5. Roads.

Roads represent the journey in your life. If the road you see is clear, then your journey is forward and simple. However if the road you see is foggy, murky, muddy and hard to get around signifies you are fearing your future.

6. Flowers.

Seeing flowers flourishing is wonderful and means there are new opportunities coming your way. To see sprouting plants means whatever seeds you have sewn are coming to life. Seeing dead flowers means this chapter in your life might be ending.

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7. Water.

Seeing water is the reflection of your ambition in life. If you are always dreaming of oceans, then its time to take bigger opportunities, being bold and taking risks. If you see shallow streams and ponds, then you are over reaching.

Tip: It’s helpful to keep a dream journal to write down all your dreams symbols. I hope these dream symbols and meanings was helpful.

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