Dreams are fantastic. There are many kinds of dreams. Some have a special message, while others are just the fragments of your thoughts that you see during your sleep.

There’s a possibility that you dream about the same person again and again.

The interval between these dreams could be as short as a single day. Dreaming of the same person could be neglected for a day or two.

But, if you see the same person, again and again, more than twice or thrice, then it is not possible to ignore it.

Dreaming of The Same Person

Dreaming of the same person could mean many things or could mean nothing. If we see things scientifically, dreams are just the random electrical brain impulses.

They are the random images of the thoughts that you had the whole day.

If you see the same person every night, it could mean that you are thinking about the same person a lot.

That person might be your crush, your lover, your relative, your favourite celebrity or even your enemy.

The reason could be that you think about the person before going to sleep especially and that’s why you see them in the dream.

Also, the other reason of seeing them is that you are concerned or worried about them.

However, many psychologists believe that dreams have some meaning. They indicate things mysteriously.

Spiritual leaders also have the same belief, which shows many times science and spirituality are parallel to each other.

Dreaming of the same person could indicate something. Your unconscious mind creates the dream, and it knows more than you do.

There are lots of possibilities for seeing the same person over and over again.

Your Mind is Making You See Them Intentionally:

It usually happens when you are dreaming about the person who is not with you anymore, or you have been fought with.

You don’t want to think about them at all, and during the day, you achieve that goal, but at night, your mind plays a trick on you and makes you see them on purpose.

For instance, if you see your ex a lot, it could mean that your mind wants you to engage in a romantic relationship again.

Or if you are seeing your mother, whom you don’t talk to anymore, your mind is reminding you that she is important and you should not neglect her.

Your mind knows what you exactly want more than you do, and it gives you hint through dreams.

Seeing A Stranger Is Different than Seeing Your Lover:

If you are seeing the same stranger again and again, what actually matters is how you are treating the stranger.

If the situation is dangerous, then you should be on your high alert during the day. It could mean that you have some enemy who wants to harm you.

If the relationship with the stranger is good, it could mean that your life is soon getting some pleasant surprise. 

Distinguishing the common dream from the one that has a message is not easy.

You should keep a keen eye on every detail to decipher the message you have received from your unconscious mind.

Dreaming of the same person could mean something significant but your conscious mind should also be wise enough to know the real meaning.