Chased dreams can be very unnerving. Being stalked in dreams can be frightening. In these dreams, you can never run fast enough. Worst case you have no energy to run away.

When you have dreams about being chased: What does this mean for you?

This dream implies that you are running from the truth or you are trapped in the daily routine of life. The causes of feeling trapped are insecurity and failing. This results in wanting to escape.

However, there are many other factors in chase dreams. First, you should not take this dream literally as it can be different for everyone.

Listed below are the variant of chase dreams which will help you understand the dream better.

Slow Motion Dreams

Running from someone in slow motion implies there is a chance to plan your escape. However, if you are glued down or unable to move means you have to confront the issue.

Being stuck in quicksand or frozen means, no matter how much you struggle to get away. It is pointless; you have to face whatever it is coming your way.

Dreams About Being Chased by Person

This indicates you are trying to avoid the truth. It could be someone you know and have unfinished business with them.

If you are being chased by someone you don’t know and they appear scary.

Then you need to think long and hard because the cause of it could be an action. Could it be something they stand for?

The dream may signify something about yourself, which may be secret to you. It might reveal itself soon. The threat is a reflection of yourself.

Being Chased By Animal Dreams

When you dream you are chased by a dangerous animal signifies harm will come to you. For example.

To see a crocodile represents deceit within your circle of friends. Rats represent theft or quarrels with your neighbour.

Group of rats signifies guilt. Maybe you feel guilty about something you have done in the past fraudulently?

Snakes portray sexual energy. Perhaps you are overly obsessed with the libido energy.

Snakes also represent feeling sexually inadequate or fear of sleeping with a new partner. To see domestic animals signifies your group of friends.

A cat will represent emotional jealousy. Dogs represent loyal friends if it’s friendly. If the dog harms you, then it is an untrustworthy friend.

When You Chase After Someone Dream

This dream signifies you know what you want in life. You are not afraid of chasing after it. Your subconscious mind has trust in you.

Knowing what you want is very helpful for you. It gives you the sense of accomplishment and comfort in your daily life.

Here are some other meanings for dreams about being chased

Being Chased Means Close-Mindedness

When you dream someone is chasing you. It can refer to you being close-minded.

You are not acknowledging a viewpoint or opinion. You don’t want to hear about it because the idea is not yours.

Chase Dream Signifies Running From Yourself

When you suppress feelings and emotions like anger, fear, jealousy and even love.

It can manifest in the dream as someone chasing you. The pursuer may project these feeling, love might project itself as something scary.

Chase Dream Is About Fear

If you are running away from an attacker, then it may signify your fear of being attacked.

This dream is more familiar with women. You may feel physically vulnerable in your surrounding.

It could be because of news on TV about sexual assault or violence.

Confront The Issue

You can gain significant insight from a chase dream. Be aware of the distance between you and the chaser.

This indicates how close the issue is. If the chaser is gaining on you, then it implies that the problem isn’t going to go away. You need to confront it.

If you are able to distance yourself from the chaser, then it implies the problem will go away in time.

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