Empath Definition: Living As an Empath Today

When it comes to sensitivity empaths have it all, the empath definition is that they are finely tuned instruments of emotions. These souls feel everything and at times to an overwhelming level. Empaths gift is their intuition and through it they experience the world. Empath are nurturers, highly spiritual and very good listeners. They will ways be there for you, nurturing and supporting you.

Living through life as an empath can be tough, here are few insightful tips to help you out.


Empath Definition: Living your life as an empowered Empath.

1. Honor your state of consciousness and appreciate who you are.

In todays world empaths feel the pressure for being unique. In the modern day world people often look down upon on those who operate from their heart. So there tends to be many challenges for being different. Often it’s very easy to be misunderstood by people and their disapproval gets taken within.

The empathic trait is normal. It’s a very special gift to be keyed from within. For good health having the ability to sense people and frequencies of the surroundings is essential. It’s a core trait to know there is danger to one’s family, friends and even themselves.

2. To know empathic consciousness is different from thought consciousness.

We know that day and night is different because we can notice it with our eyes. It’s much harder to identify empathic awareness as it can’t be seen. It can only be sensed and experienced from within. We can know the traits if it’s either a curse or a blessing by identifying the differences in how empathy works. Self knowledge is attained by knowing when the mind and it’s thoughts are dominant. The thoughts and feelings we have are different, and when we recognize the differences, the internal results can be liberating.empath definition

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3. Your intuition is very accurate.

Often empaths have hard time believing in their gut instinct. You should never doubt it. Know that your intuition is very accurate. This doesn’t mean the feeling can be fully embraced or understood. This knowledge could be incomplete. Still the feeling is very real and there is deeper connection occurring which needs to be embraced.

4. Just because you can feel, does not mean the observation is fully understood.

When you make assumptions on a felt observation it’s a big mistake. There are many complications in between our thinking and feeling states with communication between women and men. The mental side of things are just different. However jumping to assumptions can be quite a disaster.


Our emotions have depths to them, often the messages stay hidden and can change. The details become more apparent when we take our time to reflect and understand them.

5. Notice the Emotional States.

The biggest gifts for empaths is to realize and determine the countless emotional states. Just like a musician who can recognize many musical tones or an artist who knows the various shades of colours.

Our internal emotional state can change depending on the external influences, environments, people food, sound etc, can change our empathic responses. Allowing us to know why these changed feelings enable empathy to be a gift.empath definition 2

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6. Nurture your feelings.

When you know which emotional states benefit and matter, empaths can take action to do whatever it takes to feel best. The musicians uses various tones to make specific sound, and the artist knows the color combination to create the desired effect.

7. Empaths are also projectors.

Most empaths don’t know this but they are also projectors of emotions. They have the ability to project emotions without being aware of it.


Often they can influence moods and feeling of the room and the people, they do this without knowing, once you know this is happening, your presence can be a immense gift. Also it can be a silent language without saying anything or moving a muscle.

When you awaken to this aspect of empathy, you can empower and take responsibility how your mood can affect emotions and feelings of friends and family and even environments. This why it is essential for empaths to wake up to their ability, appreciating it and honoring it.

8. Finding ways to be creative.

Empaths find they are not understood or heard. Their inner domain can never be understood by many. So empath often find it hard to express their soul. It’s very important for them to express their creativity in other ways, writing, art, dance, music can clear the internal channel and can be nurturing.


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