The Empath is a rare, curious being. Empaths are incredibly attuned to the energies of others, so much so that their ability to understand the moods and motivations of others may seem preternatural to those without the gift.

An Empath displays not just incredible empathy, beyond the empathy an average person may be able to demonstrate, but a genuine psychic connection with the people around them.

It is not just the emotions of others that an Empath feels, but all of their energies. An Empath can suffer from physical ailments that originate from someone else they are psychically linked to.

It is this strength of intuition that designates the Empath and provides them with their gifts – and their curses.

Because, while the trained Empath may shield themselves from the psychic energies of others, the untrained Empath often has no choice but to experience them entirely.

Those Empaths who are unaware of their gift may find themselves instinctively isolating themselves from others in an attempt to protect themselves from the energies of others.

They are often seen as introverted, daydreamers and, unfortunately, a bit strange.

But in truth, they are merely unable to tune out from the energies of others and so often feel overwhelmed in situations where those energies are rife and varied.

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Psychic Dreams of an Empath

We all dream, every one of us. But the Empath can find within their dreams more truth than the rest of us could even fathom.

The dreams of an Empath contain not just expressions of their energies and emotions, but the collected energies of all those the Empath has interacted with.

The psychic potential of such charged dreams can be immense.

The energies an Empath experiences during the day do not fade into the sunset but stay with them to sleep.

An Empath often experiences vivid dreams that can at times be exhausting, emotional and painful. But these dreams hold many secrets that the trained Empath can extract and extrapolate from.

Through lucid dreaming – a technique that allows full consciousness and control within a dream – the trained Empath can investigate the root causes of each element of their dreams. And sometimes these root causes are the Empath’s experience of psychic energies that allow them to sense coming events.

The Empath is uniquely gifted with the ability to experience these premonitions through the medium of dreams.

In fact, the learning Empath may experience these premonitions without even knowing it.

It is the hallmark of the trained Empath to accurately sift through their dreams and interpret them for the physical plane.

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The techniques a learning Empath must learn to become a trained Empath and properly interpret these premonitions are extensive.

It is not easy to learn how to function efficiently as an Empath. But through meditation, chakra healing and balancing an Empath can gain access to the gifts available to them and, crucially for

those who are discovering those gifts, shield themselves from those curses that often go along with those gifts.