An empath has the unique ability to sense a person’s feelings and emotions without any verbal or behavioural cues.

To the world, the man or woman might just be going about their daily routine. However, an empath sees the grief that follows them or the joy that tags along where ever they go. While this ability can be polished, it cannot be acquired by practice.

In fact, most empaths aren’t aware of their gift until later on in their teenage years or possibly even further along in their lives. Their inherent nature and the feeling known as empathy are two different things.

To feel empathy is to relate to a person’s emotions. You relate to what they say. Whereas, an empath physically feels those emotions as if they were his or her own. For example; if someone’s overcome with sorrow, an empath would feel that through their aura without the need for any physical indication.

He would relate to the sadness on more of a personal level. Simply put, an empath is a person who is extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions. That is why empaths and dreams are an interesting subject to ponder upon. They are both inter-related and in a beautiful way.

Empaths And Dreams

Everyone dreams, even empaths. However, their uniqueness leads them to have lucid dreams. An empath would often have vivid recollections of his or her dream, whereas anyone else would forget their dream in less than a few hours or a day at best.

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Furthermore, an empath recollects all the significant details of their dreams and is often quite overwhelmed by them. An empath sees signs or interpret scenarios from their dreams and categorise them as either good or bad.

Although perceptions of dreams vary from person to person, there are undoubtedly some dreams you classify as nightmares. The most common nightmares have to be; being chased, falling down a flight of stairs or any height, failing a test or any upcoming challenge and ailments of sorts.

Now, anyone can experience such dreams, not just empaths. The difference here is that an empath links these dreams to an ongoing, upcoming or past experience. They feel as if they can see a bit more of the world through their dreams.

Being chased is quite a general dream; it’s the one chasing you that makes the difference. That person or thing may or may not be someone or something you can identify once you wake up. More often than not, it is a metaphor for something such as inner demons. But the figures that appear inside an empaths nightmare will haunt him for days.

An empath will experience good dreams as well. For every nightmare, there’s a good dream. For example; a nightmare will be an ailment, and a good dream will be its cure. Good dreams are easier to understand. Perhaps it’s because when we’re happy, we’re fine with its uncertain and timing. It’s happiness after all. Empaths feel this happiness on a much higher level than normal humans.

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To summarize, the sensitivity that comes with being an empath can creep into their dreams and lead them to experience visions that seem extraordinarily real. Empaths and dreams is a subject that arouses curiosity and makes us question the way dreams affect humans on an emotional and physical level.