Are you experiencing significant changes in your life that are affecting you then you must be going through an energy shift?

As you are on the path of spiritual awakening, your body is trying to cope with the new energy wave, and thus, you experience all the energy shift symptoms.

You feel depressed, confused, overwhelmed, restless, alone, lethargic and exhausted. It feels like something has drained all your energy.

But not to worry, many people go through the same process, but the result is worth it in the end.

This time would pass, and but till then, you could make use of our unique tips to fight energy shift symptoms.

Take It Easy:

Don’t be harsh on yourself. You are not going mad; it is just the energy change. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

Keep bad thoughts out of your head, engage with people who are supportive and understand you.

If you need to be alone, take time out.

Breaks are Important:

Relax and take rest whenever possible. Even few minutes break from work could help. If you could, try a short vacation.

If you couldn’t, then don’t waste your weekend at the bar – go and spend time in nature.

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Have that gorgeous beach not far from you? Then take that trip, enjoy a relaxing walk.

Stay Away from Negativity:

The most damage that anyone could do to you in this state is negative people in your circle. Their negativity could affect your mind and soul.

Stay away from them as much as possible. But, if it’s a necessity to see these people daily, try not to put too much importance on their words and behaviour. Also, stay away from stressful events and commitments.

Tip: It’s important to be part of a circle of friends who are emotionally stable.

Have Some Alone Time:

Have some time to yourself when you need it – this would help you evaluate your emotions, energy and thoughts. Sit in silence at the place you consider comfortable.

When you are undisturbed, you could concentrate on yourself.

Pray or Meditate Daily:

If you are a spiritual person, you would find peace in prayers – do it daily. If prayers are not your thing, then meditation could calm your mind.

Accept the Change:

Don’t be afraid of change and accept it when you could. The change is for good and would help you to cope with the energy shift.

Let Go of Things:

It wouldn’t help you to stick to the things that are not working out. Whether it’s a job or a relationship, let go of it to continue your life towards positivity.

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Trust your Intuition:

The energy shift is affecting your mind directly. It is absorbing all the high energy, and you should trust it.

The thoughts that are coming to your mind have a special purpose, and you need to understand the message they are giving you.

Eat and Drink Good:

Your tummy is the key to your health. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Make healthy food choices when you could.

Drink water as much as you could as it would keep you hydrated and make you feel good. Water also helps to remove toxicity from the body.