Etheric body healing forms a vital part of your spiritual practice, being a sort of springboard for the rest of your energy field to jump from point to point.

It is the first layer of your aura, extending about 2 inches out from your skin.

It primarily deals with the Root chakra and issues related to it, so negative energy built up in the Root chakra can present here.

Healing is incredibly crucial for this crucial aura layer as it has a direct impact on all the other layers.

Negative energy here can spread quite quickly as energy flows up through your chakra system.

Benefits of this type of healing include:

  • Increased spiritual awareness.
  • Improved mood.
  • Improved physical energy.
  • Removal of fear/anxiety.
  • Having an increased focus when it comes to matters of survival, security, and shelter.
  • Increased appetite.
  • The urge to exercise more.
  • Enhanced senses (sight, hearing, smell, etc.).

As you heal the negative energy, positive energy will rush back in and unblock your Root chakra.

The energy will cascade into your other chakras if this layer of your aura was affecting them.

Clearing The Etheric Body

Clearing the etheric body is easy to do at home without any expert help.

By using a combination of meditation and visualization – along with crystals, aromatherapy and connecting with nature – you can clear out that negative energy with only a moderate amount of time and effort.

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In terms of meditation, you will want to do chakra healing meditation.

It is especially important that you concentrate on your Root chakra, as this has the starkest effect on this layer of your aura.

Chakra healing meditation requires you to meditate on each of your chakras, unblocking and activating them as you draw energy from Source.

Guided meditations are great and often free, so try a few different ones to see which one resonates best with you.

Using visualization is also an excellent tool if you are pushed for time or can’t get the hang of meditation.

Sit alone and close your eyes. Visualize a bright, white light surrounding you and draw it in through your Root and Crown chakras.

See it fill your subtle body with cleansing light and feel the negative energy dissipate and fade.

How To Strengthen Etheric Body

Learning how to strengthen your etheric body will help you to achieve soul mastery, a state of high spiritual awareness that allows you to control your energy fields.

There are many things you can do to strengthen this layer of your aura.

Regular natural healing will do the trick – but to accelerate the process, you need to do more.

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Connecting with nature is one way, so taking your healing efforts outside can help to strengthen it.

Just being in the great outdoors grants you access to more of Mother Earth’s natural energy.

Staying on top of your fears and anxieties and ensuring that you are warm, safe, and comfortable at home will also help to nurture you.

If you are struggling with caring for your ether-body, you might want to seek help from a healer who specializes in this type of healing.