The eye and heart connection is an excellent indicator of your overall health. Our eyes give us numerous indications of our internal health.

Just by looking at the appearance and the colour of eyes, a physician can hint the presence of high blood pressure or diabetes.

A regular eye exam can be an early indicator of many life-threatening physical conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and is recommended by researchers at Harvard.

Eye-related symptoms to look out for

While an experienced physician can only do an in-depth ocular test, there are some symptoms pertinent to eyes that everyone should be familiar with.

Your eyes project the condition of your heart in many different ways. Heart complications may manifest themselves in the eyes in the form of bloody eyes and droopy eyelids etc.

Yellow eyes, sometimes are symptomatic of Jaundice. Many other serious illnesses, such as thyroid disease, hereditary diseases can also be diagnosed through an eye exam.

Individuals with certain ambiguities in the blood vessels of their eyes were found to be more susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

In a recent study conducted by Harvard School of Medicine, women had a higher susceptibility to cardiovascular disease due to debilitating eye-health.

It was easier to spot cardiovascular disease in them because the ocular symptoms were more prominent in them. From these studies, the importance of eye and heart connection is evident.

Eye and Heart connection and Spirituality

An additional eye and heart connection that I want to explore in the article is not purely medical. It has to do with spiritual chakras. Chakra points within the human body regulate essential physiological and neurological processes.

A chakra blockage may lead to the emergence of emotional and physical problems, including anxiety, depression, insomnia etc.  Sometimes, things are great for eye health is also excellent for the well-being of the heart.

This is no coincidence. If you intake diet that is good for your eyes, the whole body will benefit from it, including your heart. Carrots are rich in Vitamins and have long been touted as an ideal nutrient for eye health. And science has corroborated that specific compounds in carrots are beneficial for a variety of health conditions.

So, keeping your eyes healthy will bring a whole lot of good to your entire body. Your overall health will improve significantly.

Adopt practices that protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun. Wear Sunglasses. Also, make sure that while administering any material on the face; it does not trickle into the eyes.

Also, make drastic lifestyle changes. Incorporate eye exercises into your regular exercise regimen. A diet rich in antioxidants is excellent for eye health.

Antioxidants are a great way to lower blood pressure and to keep heart attack, stroke, congenital heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases at bay.

The eye and heart connection have been studied now and again because of the significance it holds and its diagnosing potential.

If your eye-health is deteriorating, visit an eye physician at the earliest. Never compromise on your spiritual and physical health. Eye and heart connection is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to test his overall health.