Eye contact is a powerful technique that can rehabilitate a relationship, bury the hatchet between old friends, ignite a spark between complete strangers and reduce the suffering of a saddened soul.

Sometimes, all it takes to resolve a conflict is a simple eye contact ― such is the power of the captivating human gaze. The importance of “eye contact connection” is irrefutable, and that is why we want our readers to perfect this lost art.

People never care about how effective their eye contact is ― stepping it aside as a useless art.

Practice and persistence and not disbelief unleash the real powers of your gaze.

Eloquence is great and all, but it’s futile without masterful eye-contact.

You can be a great talker, but if you’re not a good at holding eye contact, try all you like, but your efforts of persuasion are going to render useless. Liars maintain prolonged eye contact or give you none at all, to come out as more convincing.

That being said, eye contact can make a person an upholder of truth or a bag of lies.

Inconsistent and dodgy eye-contact or subtle shades of shame in your eyes can also incriminate you. Nervousness and emotional vulnerability quickly show up in your eyes.

Steady eye contact promotes self-confidence and also acts as a tool to motivate others.

If nervousness is evident in your eyes, the person you’re trying to uplift or console will not buy a single thing you say, no matter how persuasive your words are.

Eye contact holds paramount importance when it comes to raising children. A parent with lacklustre eye-contact will fail to encourage their children in their time of need.

Eye contact also makes your presence, formidable. People who are great gazers captivate people around them with gripping command.

They bewilder and inspire them, just by simply looking into their eyes. Their words attain exemplary power because of their masterful stare.

“Love at first sight” isn’t just a false concept. The eyes can conspire to bring souls together. They’re not just white and black colours suspended in a viscous fluid, they’re a kaleidoscope of emotions. They can portray kindness, sorrow, joy, and any other emotions.

What draws people towards each other in the end? Their eyes! Because the eyes never lie.

They always reveal a person’s originality, and people genuinely fall in love with a person when they see them for who they are. No one loves a mask.

You can also let your lover know that you’re interested in them through persistent eye-contact.

Whenever they’re talking, look them straight in the eye, and they’ll immediately get the idea that you like listening to them and are fond of them.

In a way, eye contact heightens your senses and makes you self-aware. Self-awareness can come in handy on many other occasions, such as in public speaking etc.

Developing an eye contact connection is a beautiful thing because it can equip you to motivate, uplift and imbue hope in others when they’re down. It also has individual benefits, such as self-awareness, receptiveness, and persuasiveness.