The false twin flame plays a defining role in your twin flame destiny.

All twin flames come across a counterfeit twin flame in their lives which brings them closer to their real twin flame in his mysterious ways.

When you meet your false twin flame, you feel an intense vibrational energy at a spiritual level, not unlike the one you sense when you unite with your real twin flame.

But while one twin flame appears in your life to establish a longstanding relationship, the other does not.

It is straightforward to get duped into the sham of the counterfeit twin flame.

That is why we are hesitant to sequester ourselves from their worlds. However, sooner or later we must realise that our time with the fake twin flame is limited.

It is not necessary that you’ll meet your fake twin flame before your authentic twin flame. It can happen in any order.False Twin Flame Catalyst

The Counterfeit Twin Flame

Although the counterfeit twin flame is a hoax and somehow hampers our advances towards our real twin flame, he only does it because of specific reasons.

The false twin might have entered into your life to help you get rid of abusive marriages or relationships that have perturbed you persistently for many years.

He might resolve or finish them once and for all so that you can finally make way for your destined twin flame. He can initiate the process of spiritual ascension so that the healing process can start to cure you.

Sometimes, relationships with fake twins are heart-wrenching and soul liberating. But, that’s only because your mind must shed layers of your self-ego to make room for everlasting love.

One thing that the fake twin is capable of doing is bringing you closer to your talents and abilities. There is a world of unravelled secrets inside of you. It’s shrouded in darkness, but the twin flame can throw light on it, and finally make you realise the true extent of your capabilities.

This inadvertent but divinely planned discovery can elevate your self-esteem, diminish the state of aimlessness and drive you towards your real purpose in life.

When The Job Is Done

After the fake twin has done his job, you will also step out of shadows of cynicism and, start following your intuition, because you will start believing in things you never really put your faith in before.

Needless to mention, this will also equip you to sustain your relationship with your twin flame.freedom

Our soul accumulates a lot of negative energies in our lifetime, because of emotional trauma, periods of marked distress, overthinking, restlessness, and many other emotional and physical triggers. The fake twin flame cleanses the contaminants of the soul and gives it the opportunity to start anew.

Your time with a fake twin can last for a couple of days or years. But one thing is for sure, that their existence is as essential as your real twin flame. They are a stepping stone towards your real twin flame. They hold the key to the future.