Twin Flame Synchronicity is a process through which the Universe makes the Twin Flames realise who they are. It aims to bring them together towards their union.

Some of this synchronicity can also be experienced with a False Twin. But this is not the same as Universal Synchronicity that can only be experienced with a True Twin Flame.

A few of the Twin Flame synchronicities you may encounter are mentioned below:

  • The reoccurrence of the Master number 11 in many places.
  • You and your Twin Flame leave your False Twins after realising your true selves.
  • Both of you are brought in union through the Universal messages.
  • Both of you will experience coincidences and identical signs.
  • You accept the signs, give in, and come into full union with your Twin Flame.

The synchronicity experienced with a False Twin Flame aims to prepare you for the synchronicities of a True Twin Flame.

False Twin Flame Signs:

Other than the really obvious Divine Mission that distinguishes a True Twin from a False one, there are several other subtle signs that you can notice that will tell you whether you’re in a relationship with a False Twin Flame:

A False Twin will keep digging up your past and will make you feel bad about it. While a True Twin Flame only helps you to move on.

A relationship with a False Twin will not aid in your spiritual growth. You will only feel stuck with them.

They will tell you very little about themselves but manage to extract a lot of personal information from you. They will avoid all topics and questions that are aimed at them. Remaining a closed book, they will never let you in.

You will not feel comfortable while talking to them.

You might have intuitions as if they’re the one who is the wrong fit, even if you’re not able to realise it yet.

They will not be willing to talk about and solve the issues between you.

They will feel as if they’re distant and not really there for you.

They will be very manipulative.

If you start to take control, they will immediately feel threatened and will try to bring you down. They do not like sharing power. They like to be the one in authority at all times.

They will not share your happiness. Your achievements will have no value to them.

They will be jealous of you. And will also try to make you jealous of them and their past relationships.

You might experience a series of unexplainable unfortunate events. This might be bad luck brought on by your False Twin.

The relationship will not feel concrete, and it will feel as if it is transitory. While with a True Twin you would experience a real sense of commitment.