Feeling detached from twin flame? There may come a time within our twin flame relationship that the exciting, heart thumping intensity of the powerful spiritual connection seems to fizzle and putter out.

We might start to feel disillusioned, we may lose the drive to continue on our journey, and we may be left feeling detached.

That is perfectly fine. This is perfectly normal. Don’t sweat it.

Feelings of detachment from our twin flame can cause us to become distressed that perhaps we have misidentified the relationship. Doubt about the whole spiritual process might consume us.

We might second guess the machinations of the universe and the concept of twin flame unity altogether.

Feeling Detached From Twin Flame

But in reality what is happening is a natural part of the process.

In fact, it can represent spiritual progress. We are on the right track.

A Timeout

 What we are experiencing when we feel detachment from our twin flame is a period of spiritual selfishness – which isn’t as bad as it sounds!

The twin flame spiritual journey is a shared one for sure, but it is also a journey for us as individuals.

While we must journey together, raising our vibration levels and teaching each other our karmic lessons, we must also travel alone when necessary.

After all, we have our own problems as well as each others.

The feelings of detachment we are experiencing is a signal that we should take a timeout from the spiritual aspect of the twin flame relationship.

We should continue working on ourselves, but it is time within the relationship to take a step back from the progress we have made and relax for a bit.

Without stopping and taking a breath, we cannot endure the difficulties of journeying towards ascension.

A Little Self Love

Both of us should take some time to address old wounds that we have perhaps pushed to the back of our minds.

We may even find that we have recently been thinking about old relationships and past events that irked us or damaged us.

We might even become periodically obsessed with the past.

Don’t ignore it. It’s a sign that we still have some individual work to do.

The chances are we have been neglecting ourselves as individuals while we concentrate our efforts on our twin flame relationship.

It’s natural to do that, everybody does.

So maybe we should take a few days to yourself.

Visit family, get in touch with nature, be alone for a while.

A little distance on occasion is a healthy thing for any relationship – it is absolutely necessary for the incredibly intense twin flame relationship.

And once we have put our house in order as it were.

We will be in a better frame of mind and healthier in spirit.

Our twin flame will thank us for it, and we will thank them for the same.

Things will go back to how they used to be.

Or, preferably, the feelings of detachment will dissolve.

In all likelihood, when we return it will be with renewed energy, compassion and love for each other.