Amongst the healing tools, we should keep in our spiritual toolbox, having a foot chakra balancer is one of the most useful.

If you are having trouble related to your feet chakras, then these powerful stones might just be for you.

Most of us don’t pay enough attention to our secondary and tertiary chakras, concentrating all of our effort on the seven primary chakras.

So we’re going to go through why you should pay attention to your feet chakras and how you can use balancers to bring them back in to balance.

The Feet Chakras

Your feet chakras come as a pair – unsurprisingly.

They exist in the arches of your feet and function to ground you with the Earth, serving as the primary conduit through which the Earth’s energy enters and leaves your body.

When they are out of balance – either blocked or overactive – you may feel ungrounded, disoriented and lacking in direction.

The further the imbalance in the feet chakras the more this imbalance feeds the root chakra at the base of the spine, leading to yet more problems.

Especially in the western world, the feet chakras are vital to your spiritual wellbeing. This is because in eastern cultures people spend a lot more time sitting on the ground, whereas in western cultures our lives are often devoid of this.

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So one way we can live a healthier life is to sit on the ground more often. But this is almost never enough on its own.

Balancing & Balancers

There are a number of ways you can help to keep your feet chakras in balance.

The most straightforward ways are to spend time barefoot on the bare earth.

Walking barefoot through the grass, swimming in lakes and merely ridding yourself of barriers between your feet and the Earth are all sensible ways to keep your feet chakras in balance.

But for those with real problems in this area, there are tools you can use to do some powerful feet chakra healing.

Feet chakra balancers are small stones designed to act upon the feet chakras and induce healing on the energies they contain.

You can use them at night, either by placing them inside your socks or by taping or tying them to your feet.

They go on the underneath of the foot, on the sole where your arch is.

Using them in this way for at least three weeks should restore balance to your feet chakras.

But for those with particularly difficult issues, they can also be used during the day.

Placed on the floor, you can stand on them to provide relief from the aches and pains that some physical conditions cause in your feet and legs.

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So if you are having trouble with imbalanced feet chakras, consider using feet chakra balancers to restore that balance and rid you of the symptoms that have arisen.

Also, remember to get out into nature and allow your bare feet to soak up the Earth’s energy and revitalise your whole chakra system.