What is Telepathic Love?

To know what telepathic love is, first you should know what telepathy is. Telepathy is the communication of thoughts, feelings or ideas, using your mind only. When you send love through this method, it is known as telepathy in love.

Who can send love telepathically?

The answer is you or anyone else. Using your mind for communication is quite natural, but we have become more focused on using our known senses to share the idea or information and to communicate.

You can send love telepathically or any other message, only if you trust your abilities.

What to do to practice telepathy in love?

The foremost thing to know about telepathy in love is that you should have faith that your receiver will get the message. Also, to send your love, it is important that you also love yourself; because you can’t share something that you don’t have.

You should know your mental and physical personality. A clear and focused mind is also necessary.

How to send love telepathically?

Follow these simple steps if you want to send love telepathically:

  • Go to the state of relaxation: if you meditate, you know how to achieve that state of mental relaxation right away
  • Lie in bed, or sit in the meditative state
  • Inhale and exhale slowly by counting to five and repeat till you feel good
  • Try to focus on the person you want to send your love to
  • In your mind, you should know that you are practising telepathy in love
  • Your love should be gentle and unconditional; you are going to send the same
  • Teach your mind that your loved one will only receive the love if he or she accepts; you won’t force it
  • From the person, shift the focus on the love you have for her or him
  • Hold that feeling in your heart and let it grow
  • Now feel your emotions as the energy
  • Imagine that energy has found a path and moves from you to your loved one in a flow
  • Try to sense, whether the person is receiving the love energy or not
  • The initial stage requires at least 10 minutes till that person receives your signals
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It is not something that you can achieve in a single day, even attaining that relaxed state of mind needs lots of practice and focus.

Before you send your love telepathically, you should first practice on how to focus your thoughts on a single thing for days. When you can focus exactly on what you want, only then you should try this exercise.

What results to expect?

When you start to send your love telepathically and other initiates to receive it, you will know for sure. You will feel that energy has begun flowing from you to them. You will feel the automatic connection between you two.

This is the era of modern communication; it is possible that when you start sending your love, you get a call from your loved one saying that he/she couldn’t stop thinking about you. Try telepathy in love, and enjoy the results you attain.