Find The Right Healing Crystals That’s Suitable For You

Even if you don’t believe in crystal healing, you may still find this article beneficial. You can learn how the chemical properties in variety of crystals can provide you with healing energy. You should know by now that everything in the universe is energy. Whenever you hold a crystal in your hand you will either feel hot or cool rays emitting from these crystals. So it all depends on the energy you need, to choose a healing crystal you will need a professional who can guide you to the right one. To get you started, we have put together some tips on what kind of healing crystal to pick for different illnesses.

Healing Crystals For Your Emotional And Mental Supporthealing crystals that's suitable for you

Are you someone who worries a lot? Do you have constant mental tensions and you are always engaged with stress and negative thinking? Then the healing crystals that can help you are lapis lazuli, amethyst or rose quartz.  Their healing properties help to remove mental stress. If you need help with sleeping disorder then labradorite, tourmaline or smoky quartz are beneficial for you. When you place these energized crystals next to your bed, you will feel the peaceful healing energy surrounding you.


Healing Crystals That’s Suitable For You And Your Physical Well Beinghealing crystals that's suitable for you 2

Are you suffering from constant fatigue and always lacking in energy? Then you are going to need red and orange healing crystals like Tiger’s eye, jasper, carneline or clear quartz. You will need to activate these crystals otherwise you can’t use them. To energize and activate these crystals, you need to put them in salt water and let them soak in the sunlight for entire day. Cool stones like moonstones, rose quartz have to be soaked in moonlight to acquire the healing energy.

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Various Crystals And Their Healing Propertieshealing crystals that's suitable for you 3

If you need some creativity, then you can use citrine or celestite. These Particular stones supercharge your creativity and imagination. There are many forms of crystals you can use. The list below shows some of the crystals available in the market.

  • Pyramids
  • Balls
  • Jewelry
  • Money toads
  • Buddha
  • Geodes
  • Eggs
  • Hearts
  • Pendulums
  • Wands
  • Wind chimes, etc.

Healing Crystals that’s suitable for you are available in wide range of shapes and forms. It’s best to ask a chakra healer for the best healing crystals that’s suitable for you to buy and use them after activation. Unlike astrology or any sort of superstition, this type of healing involves using the rays that are emitted from these crystals. So whatever problem you are having whether it’s personal, professional, and financial or relationships, you will find there’s healing crystal for every kind of problem.

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Why Not Gift Them To Your Loved Ones?healing crystals that's suitable for you 4

Whether you have faith in them or not, why not place them on the desk and see the magic healing they have after some time. If you have children who are lacking in focus and concentration, you should place an activated sodalite or flourite crystal on their desk.  These crystals are great at cutting out distractions, the energies emitted from these crystals allow you to focus and concentrate on just one thing.

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Many of these crystals have the power to cleanse any room in your home from unwanted energies and negative vibrations. It’s good to take care of your crystals, cleaning them frequently will help to keep a positive atmosphere in your home and office.

You should now have a better understanding which healing crystals that’s suitable for you.

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