What does it mean to be an Old One?

The Old Ones are earth beings. They have been here since time before time, that is, time before we modern humans recognize as possible for intelligent life. Old Ones are Human.

Old Ones are also not Human. Their spirits are descended from many different species of this planet, some of the two legged kind and some not.


If they have come to know their true selves this is probably their last incarnation in a cycle, but not their last incarnation, as they know one cycle leads to a different, leads to another.

This is the grounds for their humility. This is why they consider themselves “regular people”, even though they probably have few social connections and seek solitude as others seek food.

They are in this life as a sign post, a tour guide for a few who are on the road to the life the Old Ones are living, their last, this time around. If being and Old One sounds less than romantic, it is.

The upside is they don’t suffer very human problems along the lines of anxiety, depression, or existential angst once realized. If the realization has occurred, which will occur for most, day to day trivialities are just that.

The key in realization of being an Old One, if you are, is fighting through the cynical, perhaps jaded nature that comes naturally. Old Ones, early in their life are often distant, self conscious, and percieved as arrogant, or just plain weirdos.


Because they are engaged in a seemingly unending search for knowledge they may be unaware of the feelings of others. The Old Ones are conflicted, defiant, and self contained, that is, profoundly introspective.

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After realization the personality that was assumed in this life is no longer functional and the Old One is open, patient, and accepting of life.

They may seem strangers to past friends. Conflict, trauma, illness, crisis in general is the key to which the Old Ones find themselves, although for all of their life they have known something was out of place or yet to be placed.

Old Ones have two important missions in this life. One is to learn as much as they can. The other is to practice compassion as fully as possible.

Signs of being an Old One

Many of the signs hold commonalities with other types of beings, Indigos, Starseeds, Star children.

The main difference is that Old Ones are here on earth at this time for only a few, for who they are key to the next step in that beings evolution, whether in this life or another.

They are largely invisible to others although their life be or may have been, profoundly full.

1) Old Ones are observers, seen on the fringe or edge of social activities. While inconsistent with this, while on the fringe they may be seen as rabidly trying to soak up life in work play and school.

2) Old Ones in early life are impatient, impulsive and hyper. It is almost as if they came into this life wound up and ready to go, although where, they are not sure.

3) They do not like to argue, banter words or discuss issues they consider less than important. They often feel they understand an issue fully and further pursuit of that issue is frivolous.

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4)They are non-conformist often fiercely so. Their relationship with authority is antagonistic both ways.

5)While always seekers of knowledge they may do poorly in school until an area of interest is found, then they will excel.

6)They are told, often many times, “you are an old soul”, although they may not grasp the meaning of that.

7)Nature is their home and they will seek it. Ultimately it is nature that will welcome them home.


8) Spirituality is not always an important issue. When it becomes one their calling will be mystic. Nature will respond to their call, often of despair. They will be shown, in ways only they perceive, their path.

9) Past lives and faces may be perceived and accepted as they are non-threatening.

10)The realization of role of guide is realized.

If you believe you are an Old One

If you have seen signs that you are an Old One, crisis will be a part of your life. Rather that taking crisis head on, or avoiding it, it is important to realize that crisis is the means by which you will achieve realization.

This is true in many traditions, as an Old One it will open your ability to realize the means by which you will assist other beings, creatures or the earth.

Nature will sing for you if you listen. The wind will blow through you. If you open your nostrils to smell the air your mind will open in ways you may not have known.

Written By: Isilhwen. isilhwen@yahoo.com

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