Finger Length Meaning – What Your Finger Length Reveals (PERSONALITY TEST)

Finger Length Meaning – Have you ever thought how much you can learn about yourself based just on the length of your finger? In the picture below you can see three hands labeled A, B, and C. Each hand has the ring, middle and index finger are different. Raise your left hand and notice which one closely matches you.finger length meaning

Finger Length Meaning – Personality Type

A) You Are Charming But Pragmatic.

If your ring finger is longer compared to the index finger then you are irresistible and charming to many people. You can talk yourself out of any situation. Also you are aggressive and good at solving problems. You also choose to be compassionate. Your roles could be scientist, engineer, soldier, and possibly a crossword puzzle master.


B) You Are The Confident Get it Done Type

This is me. If you have shorter ring fingers compared to index fingers then you are self confident, you like to get things done. You love to be alone to work and complete the things you want to do, doing this doesn’t make you an introvert. You tend to be goal driven and don’t like being disturbed. You appreciate everything you have so far but your passion hungers for more.

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C) The Peacenik (Activist)

If you are a C then you are peace loving conflict avoiding type. If your ring finger and index finger are level then you tend to be organized and always want to get along with anyone. You are faithful, tender and caring partners in relationships, but you do have a fiery core while most times you keep it suppressed in day to day activities. Although you get along with people, you expect them to be good to you.

So Which type are you ?

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