Twin Flame Definition What Does It Mean?

What are twin flames: As humans, we seem to be born with the intrinsic need for togetherness. There is a part of us that is constantly seeking, constantly restless. In our childhood years, this may often lead to feeling out of place, like you weren’t meant to live in this time and in this place.

This search for something familiar and something you can easily connect to is deeper than the search for a soul mate. It is the search for another part of yourself. It is the search for your twin flame.


What are Twin Flames?

People are asking what are twin flames?  There are a lot of theories involving the dichotomy of self. One theory believes that once, when we were pure energy and still not trapped in a physical body, we elevated into a higher consciousness that could not be encased by a physical cage.[wp_ad_camp_4]

In order to come down to a physical plane, the soul energy then split into two and dwelled in the body that you know of. Essentially, this means that there is another part of yourself roaming the world.

When you find each other, that’s when the soul is able to elevate itself again into the higher consciousness it once had been.

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Meeting a twin flame is perhaps the most intense relationship you will ever encounter in this physical plane, and in the next. When your two selves meet, there is a familiarity that envelopes the two bodies despite meeting at different parts in your physical lives.

In every lifetime, there is a magnetic pull between two twin flames that will allow them to meet every time. However, recognizing the twin flame depends on the level of consciousness of both energies. It may take several lifetimes for twin flames to finally meet, and more importantly, recognize each other.what are twin flames


In a way, meeting your Twin Flame is also a test on whether you have learned to love yourself after several reincarnations. To love the best and worst parts of yourselves, including the baggage’s carried through several lifetimes, and recognizing it in your twin flame, is often the formula to returning together in heightened consciousness.

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What are Soul Mates Then?

You may think that the definition of a twin flame sounds so much of what we know of as soul mates. But soulmates are different in the sense that as helpful imagery, a twin flame is more like two nuclei that got split at birth. A soul mate is more of a tapestry.

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The tapestry is made out of many souls, not just two. Your soul mates are found in the same tapestry. They can be a group of people that you feel a close affinity to whether it is your mother, or sister, or best friend. Sometimes, they can also be romantic, although not necessarily permanent.

Soul mates are the product of twin flames meeting again in their last reincarnation. The tapestry is made up of your energies finally melding and expanding together, until they get cut into chunks that we know to be soul mates.

They have a different purpose from a twin flame too. A soul mate is used to guide, improve, and sometimes challenge us in order for us to prepare ourselves for when we finally encounter our twin flame.


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