Found soulmate but married? Sometimes, life subjects people to unjust treatment. But, it’s our job to find the silver lining in every predicament and work our way out of it.

It’s nothing short of a tragedy to find your soul mate at a time when they’re already married.

Dealing with the grief of unrequited love can throw anyone into a spiral of self-hatred and hopelessness. The situation “ found soulmate but married” requires expert advice and we’re here to give you just that.

Your soul blows into smithereens when you see your soulmate with someone who they’re not supposed to be with.

You know you’re the perfect person for them, but the merciless schedule of fate chooses writhing agony for you instead.

To be honest, your soulmate goes through a similar scenario. Our soulmates know that they shouldn’t be in a failing marriage, but they lack the courage to break-free from karmic relationships and decide to see them through.

But, you’re wrong if you think that the thought of spending a lifetime with you doesn’t cross their mind.

How to deal with ”Found soulmate but married”

So how do you address this dilemma? First of all, you have to realise that your choices are limited in such a situation.

You can either have a secretive affair with your soulmate or you can wait for their marriage to breathe its last. So, let’s weigh the pros and cons of both these choices.

First of all, if you’ve decided to have an affair with them; you’ll have to give them the time and space to divorce their partner.

But do you really want to start a morally twisted relationship? What if it takes your partner years to do what you’re expecting them to do? There are a myriad of risks associated with this approach so just cut it off your list.

Patience is a virtue, and you’ll require it in abundance if you decide to wait it out. Don’t involve yourself in anything.

If the universal source has already written your fate, you have nothing to worry about. Maybe your soulmate has to see the relationship through because they still have something to gain out of it.

Maybe, the karmic relationship will make them a stronger, more evolved being, better equipped to have a healthy relationship with you.

Let them spiritually grow and let their marriage impart qualities in them that are necessary to sustain a long-term relationship with you.

The actions of the divine source are not without reason. Always keep that in mind!

Refrain from unwanted affairs. Let organic events run their vital course. Love is not snatched. It’s earned.

It’s something that knocks at your door when you’ve burnt all your bridges.

So if you find your soulmate in wedlock, just let them be. To be worthy of love, you must be even headed.

Keep on growing and doing all the things that make deserving of them, and one day they will fill your arms with their loving embrace.

Time has been given a schedule. We have to believe in the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Otherwise, we’re no better than cynics who cast their disbelief at something as grand as love.
“Found soulmate but married” is a sensitive matter. Make sure you pay heed to our advice before taking any kind of step.

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