Four Signs Of AfterLife

Various forms of afterlife communication have been identified over time, in this article we reveal four signs of afterlife. The afterlife communication have since offered immense comfort to those grieving the death of their loved ones and the existence and belief in it can really bring a positive impact especially when it comes to losing our loved ones.

The deceased, living in a different world from ours, are capable of communicating to those of us still on earth via various equipped communication styles; they mostly use the physical environment that surrounds us as well as send telepathic messages considering the bonds of love that existed between us.


Such communications are believed to be messages from the dead telling us of the existence of life after death. Its also believed to be their way of comforting their loved ones still on earth that however much they aren’t physically present with them, they will always be united to them from the spirit world.

Listed below are four signs of afterlife communication.

Signs Of AfterLife Communication


Music is one of the ways the dead communicate to us and this seems to be their favorite means of communication. Music may be the easiest form of communication between the two worlds due to its vibratory nature and its frequency.

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Many have shared experiences of having heard songs at their times of grief that actually was a message to them from the dead; the lyrics of the songs seemed to directly talk to them and bring some comfort to them.


The dead have been known to talk to their loved ones using various forms of nature; insects, animals and birds. On one occasion, one shared an experience of having been brushed on the cheek by a bird just as she was thinking of her deceased husband.


At the time, she didn’t know it was a sign, however, future studies revealed to her that her deceased husband was actually using the bird to comfort her.

Direct communication

The dead have actually been noted to directly communicate to those they shared a strong bond with. However, not most people have the understanding to tune in to the messages and actually get to hear them.


Desire and belief is the only way that can allow us to communicate to the dead since we are in two separate worlds that operate on different frequencies. In order to achieve effective communication, we should be in the same energetic level as them and apply the law of affinity.

They can reply to our requests

One of the signs of afterlife is the ability of the dead to answer our requests. In numerous attempts, the living have tried establishing communication to the dead, asking them to give them signs that would prove their existence in another world.

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Asking for specific signs from the dead as said above is one of the ways we have used to communicate to our deceased loved ones and confirm if they actually exist. People have shared of their experiences of asking for specific signs from their dead loved ones and receiving them in reality.


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