The full moon signals one of the most potent times for spiritual endeavours, lending us increased powers of contemplation, affirmation and manifestation.

We are going to explore how we can use the upcoming full moon to aid in a manifestation ritual that might help us to achieve our goals.

So if you are looking to manifest some desires come this full moon, you can follow this simple guide.

Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

The first thing you need to do is to choose a ritual area. This must be a dedicated ritual space, but need not be spacious. A table, a nightstand, or even a little nook will do.

This area should be the place where you store aspirational items such as diaries and journals, mementoes and keepsakes, and the like.

Once you have selected the ritual area, it is time to cleanse and prepare it. Set up some crystals and candles or incense sticks.

Use sandalwood, clear quartz, lemon and any scent or crystal with special meaning to you. This will drive out bad energy and promote focus for the ritual and power for your manifestation.

Then we can begin the ritual.

You can begin whenever the full moon is showing in the sky.

You must meditate in your ritual area for a short time, however long it takes for you to find your centre and push out any negative energies that are muddying your aura.

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During this meditation, concentrate on asking your spirit guides to aid you in a manifestation ritual, to help you to see your soul’s desires, and to open your heart and mind to the power of the lunar cycle.

Once you feel at one with the cosmos, free of the negative energy you have accumulated, and have enlisted the help of your spirit guides, it is time to speak the ritual words.

There is no magic prayer here, no words that can get you what you want. Instead, what powers the full moon manifestation ritual is your honesty in expressing your desires.

So exist in your ritual space and allow yourself to dream. Consider your soul’s desires; the deepest held wants that you have. Allow every thought, every nagging doubt to rise and flow through you.

Don’t suppress or repress anything. Let it all flow through you.

Then express them out loud. Do this however you feel comfortable, but it’s good to have consistency in these things where possible.

If you feel best addressing the universe, your spirit guides, yourself – or even the moon! – feel free to do so.

It’s not the words that have the power, but the intention behind them.

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And don’t worry if the pressure of the occasion is a little too much for you the first time around. That’s only natural and perfectly normal.

But if this continues through a few attempts, perhaps seek out a local group who do full moon manifestation rituals and see if they can help guide you through this powerful, aspirational spiritual task.