Full moon presents a beautiful sight. It wants you to cuddle someone or get kissed. The soothing shiny rays of the full moon contain some powerful magic.

The people who are aware of its strength take complete advantage of the full moon.

These full moon rituals for love work if you trust them; they will bring the love of your life to you.

We can begin with the first full moon ritual for love.


To complete this ritual, you will need some supplies:

  • A comfortable place
  • A burner or candle
  • A lighter or Matchbox
  • A paper
  • A Pen
  • Your story
  • Any aroma

To perform the full moon ritual for love, you need to in a place you can see the moon. It would be great if you can sit in the open air. Clean your selected place and make it comfortable.

Use your favourite aroma to beautify the environment; it will make you feel good. To perform the ritual, You need to clear your mind from negative thoughts.

First, clear your mind and then think about love.

Write down what you feel. Once this step is complete, recite your intention to the full moon.

Your intention should end with the line “and so it is done”, and when you are saying it you should trust that it will happen.

Give your thanks to the universe at the end and think about all the positivity in life. Light the candle and burn your story.

See your intentions going up in the sky as flames and reaching the moon. If you have complete faith in your ritual, you will have the sense of completion right away.


  • Things you need:
  • Sea salt
  • Pillow (red or pink)
  • Favourite beverage
  • A paper
  • A Pen
  • A charm
  • A bell

To perform this ritual, not only you need to clean the place, but you have to clean your body as well. Have a love bath before the moon rise.

You can add flower petals to your bathtub, or make the use of romantic scents. It will not only make your body clean but also freshen your mind.

Again, you need to be under the full moon to perform the ritual. Select the place that you find romantic and be there before the moon completely rises in the sky.

Find a place to sit and place your pillow on the floor. By using sea salt, make a circle around you and sit between.

Connect with the earth and write what you want about love. Then close your eyes and meditate.

When you are thinking about the upcoming love, you want in your life, open your eyes and look at the moon. Feel its energy and absorb it.

You will feel that the moon has listened to you and will help you find your true love.

When done, raise a toast to your love and tell them that you are waiting. After completing your ritual, ring the bell as a sign of accomplishment.

You can be creative and combine both rituals if you desire.