Gem Meanings – Discover What a Stone Reveals About You

Look at the six stones you see below. Without thinking too much about it, pick your favorite stone. The gem meanings are revealed below.gem meanings

Six Gem meanings

Stone 1. Opalite

This stone is called Opalite. It means you want freedom from the hustle and bustle of this world. You have the sense to disconnect and find peace someplace where your inner thoughts are supreme.



Stone 2. Malachite

This stone is called Malachite. It indicates that significant life changes are on the horizon for you. The changes you will go through will be spiritual. There maybe changes in your romantic life. Probably a good time to think about the choices you have been making in your life.

Stone 3. Sun Stone

This is a sun stone. If you are attracted to this stone, it means you are some one who is an optimist. Your future is very bright. Be positive and spend lots of time taking in the healing warmth of the sun as you move forward in your life.

Stone 4. Mahogany Obsidian Stone

This is the Mahogany Obsidian Stone. If you are driven to this stone, then you are someone who’s subconscious has been telling you all along that you should break out of old routines and habits and create yourself a new life. One warning is that you shouldn’t let jealousy creep in, you should be lucky and grateful of everything you have.

Stone 5. Howlite

This stone is called Howlite. If you are drawn to this stone, then you need to keep your mind open for messages from other dimensions and spiritual realms. The messages could be from your passed relatives or other beings. A dream journal may help you understand these messages.

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Stone 6. Dalmation Jasper

This stone is the Dalmation Jasper. This Jasper stone signifies that you are some one who is fun loving and you need to keep play alive in your life. So make new friends and seek out new adventures. Having fun will keep you happy.

I hope these gem meanings were helpful.

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