Immense emphasis is put on twin flames to find each other because it has been said that the universe has destined them to be together.

A twin flame is said to be more than just your soul mate. It is said to be the other half of your soul.

Therefore, people feel as if chasing after their twin flame is their destiny. So they take on this task as an obligation. They keep chasing after them, even after their persistent refusal to be together.

This puts the chaser in great emotional distress and exhausts their energy. Chasing after someone who keeps running away from you is only going to keep you stuck in a race that’ll never end.

It’s more advisable to let the runner go and allow other people to enter your life and inspire your soul.

Twin Flame Chaser Moves On

People mount on an expedition to find their twin flames, and evidently, end up wearing themselves out.

They try to force their love, or in fact madness, on this other person who they believe them to be their twin flame, when it’s a well-understood fact that love cannot be forced.

It must be allowed to come naturally. Relationships that are forced only end up hurting the people involved.

If the other person does not want to pursue a relationship, it is wiser to let them go and move on.

You can always find a soul mate and develop a connection with them that will satisfy you and help you grow as an individual.

Once you come to terms with that possibility and admit that chasing after your twin flame has done nothing more than wear you out mentally and physically, you’ll be ready to move on.

You’ll realise that enough is enough. Now it’s time to focus on you.

Twin Flame Denial Stage

You or your twin flame, or even both of you, might experience a state known as the twin flame denial stage.

The person experiencing it might not realise that they have encountered their twin flame.

They might be feeling all the intense emotions, and connectivity one feels towards their twin flame, but they will be too hesitant to accept them.

They’ll keep denying their true feelings because facing something so nerve-racking can be an extremely arduous task they’d much rather avoid.

Twin Flame Denies Feelings

In such a case, where your twin flame denies their feelings, you should leave them on their own. You cannot force them to confront something they are unwilling to.

Perhaps they need some time. They might come to terms with their emotions soon after they truly understand them, but forcing them to deal with those feelings when they don’t want to is only going to lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration between the two of you. It is better to let them be.