It is long believed in western culture that concept behind Soul Mates pertain to lovers only. But the dictionary defines soul mates as two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity. This does not necessarily imply lovers.

Us spiritual people define soul mates are two souls, created to support each other as they journey different worlds throughout the many incarnations (or lifetimes). Soul mates account for one another, making sure that one grows in the dimensions of health, psychological, material, and most important, spiritual.


But are soul mates limited to just two people? The answer is no. Soul mates can involve numerous groups of people. Soul mates are people, usually friends, teachers, mentors, or other people who support each other to achieve life’s goal or helped in case of a crisis. Anyone group of individuals, two or more, connected with a purpose of growth and gratitude, can be regarded as soul mates.

The twin flame, however, is the significant other half…the one! Two twin flames are likened to a physical duality that is needed for completion. After all, you cannot have north without south, left without right, or ying without yang. Your twin flame is your other half that makes you complete. There is unconditional love between the two.

While the personalities maybe different, a matrix of energy meshes. You just know it and feel it. The relationship grows very fast and deep, to the point where you will almost always know what the other person is thinking and feeling. Call it telepathy, but indirect psychic communication occurs almost daily between flames.

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How will you know if someone you run into is ‘the one?’

There is no answer to this. You will just know. Read the following:

* You will feel a Love like no other you have ever experienced.
* There is a familiarity and a knowingness that is absolutely undeniable.
* You feel complete. Your heart is certain that this is your other half.
* When you are together, you experience that “in Love” feeling all the time, and waves of ecstasy and bliss pour through you.
* Your heart pours Love to your Twin, and giving to your Twin becomes the most important thing in your life.


There can be many soul mates. There can only be one divine counterpart in the physical or soul, that is the twin flame.

* Soul mates know each other form another life.
Twin flames know each other from the beginning of time.
* Soul mates are there for your personal growth.
Twin flames are to complete you.
* With soul mates, you feel that you have met the person before.
With twin flames, you feel you know each other inside out and the discovery can go on forever.
* With soul mates, you have lessons together.
With twin flames, you feel complete yet have some lessons together.
* With souls mates, you will sometimes feel you have met other soul mates.
With twin flames, you have never felt this deep before from a soul mate.
* With soul mates, some lessons are challenging and you may need to resolve something.
With twin flames, you both go beyond the challenges together … the connection is unfathomable.

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How does one find his/her twin flame?

To attract a twin flame is best done through prayer, meditation, and openness. Open all channels. Do not discriminate! Don’t limit yourself to being with just blondes, athletic, a particular race or religion. Being equally yoked is a concept you and your twin flame grow into, not born into.


When you meditate, feel your twin flame by your side. Be as if your twin flame is with you all the time, which he/she is! Your twin flame may not be in physical form, but rather, exist as an energy field. Once that energy field connects with you, your energies mesh. It is then you ask for your twin flame to enter into your life. Before long, the twin flame will appear in physical human form.

Sri Yogananda of the Self Realization Fellowship offered a prayer. “God, bless so that I may find my life partner according to your laws of perfect soul union.” Keep saying that prayer with complete faith and watch what happens.

May your flame find you. May you find your flame. May both of you become one.

by Jim Hague